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Top 4 Beaches of Turkey

Visiting Turkey is not a possibility in life but a must. Besides the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul and the Hagia Sophia, there are countless coastal regions that you might want to check out as well. Whenever land reaches the bounds of the sea, it is guaranteed to produce awe-inspiring sights for you to bask in. So, have you packed your swimsuits and sunscreens yet, for we are about to see what Turkey has to offer us in terms of beaches? The only thing that we recommend that you keep an eye out for is the weather standards of the Northern Hemisphere. Wouldn’t want you to freeze in January, of course (wink)!

1. Marmaris:
Sitting on Turkey’s Mediterranean shore (Muğla Province), Marmaris has become one of the most prominent port cities and tourist resorts in the country. As such, it was only fitting that it should have some of the most exquisite beaches there. With a total length of 9.5 kilometres and irresistibly soft sand, it is bound to offer you an experience that you’ll never forget. Reaching from central Marmaris to Icmeler (as such, Icmeler Beach is the one most recommended), they even have scenic promenades for you to walk on. It can’t get any more romantic than basking in the general vitality of the place and watching the sunset – yes, it is visible due to the position of the city. But wait, there’s more than just the crystal-clear water: you can even witness the beauty of the surrounding islands from there (that’s always a massive plus for a beach). The presence of Marmaris Bay makes the water calmer than usual and this in turn makes it an excellent place for people who cannot swim or who are travelling with young children. “But is snorkelling an option?” you might ask. The answer is: hell yea (triple wink)!

2. Ölüdeniz Beach:
Without a single drop of doubt, the beach of Ölüdeniz is the safest place to go to if you are not a very good swimmer. Its calm waters have become so famous that if we were to translate the name of the bay itself, it would sound something like “Dead Sea Bay” or “Dead Sea Beach” – yes, it’s really that calm. Situated within the bounds of the Fethiye district of the Muğla Province, upon the Turquoise Coast, it has been designated an official Blue Flag beach. Called the Blue Lagoon (yes, exactly like the movie), it is a pebble beach by definition but that doesn’t make it any less spectacular than the previous contestant. Due to the fact that it is a national nature reserve, it stands somewhat untouched by man – construction there is strictly prohibited. This makes it an excellent place for you to visit if you want to get away from the “concrete jungle” of everyday life (wink).

3. Patara Beach:
Have you ever heard about the ancient city of Patara? Well, even if you haven’t, it is important to know that Patara Beach owes its non-commercialisation to its magnificent ruins. Officially declared the longest beach in Turkey, it reaches a maximum length of about 17.5 kilometres. Famous for its endangered Loggerhead turtles (a species that has been known to lay its eggs there for at least 40 million years), it is not only an inviting sandy shore but also an excellent place for snorkelling and diving. Waves there are low and rip currents are virtually unheard of. It is perfectly safe for swimming and even for sandcastle-building (as no high wave is going to demolish your glorious creations). Alright, jokes aside, this is about as natural as one can get in terms of seashores in Turkey – there is nothing manmade there except for a miniature café. Hesitate not!

4. Kaputaş Beach:
Sitting between Kaş and Kalkan in south-western Turkey, Kaputaş Beach is a place that vociferously strengthens the axiom “size doesn’t matter”. Popularly considered a small beach, it is still one of the most awe-inspiring ones in the country. Forming a cove and offering magnificent cliffy sights all around, it is like taking a swim at the end of the Grand Canyon. What’s even more inviting is the fact that, in spite of its perceived remoteness, it does have changing facilities and a café. And yes, the beach is as sandy and comfortable as it can get, so get going (wink)!

Did you enjoy our list? How many of the aforementioned beaches and coastlines have you visited and what lasting impressions have they left you with? Hit the comment section below and be sure to tell us all about it! Safe travels see you on our next adventure!

Patara Beach

Patara Beach

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