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Top 4 Beaches of Portugal

Ah, Portugal, the fair Iberian country that does nothing but draw fair travellers to it. But what exactly is so alluring about it? Well, the answer is simpler than what you might think: everything. From its ancient architecture, ruins, castles, the Old Town of Lisbon, and, amongst many other things, its beaches, Portugal offers a wide variety of sights and activities that you can indulge in. Though it is more than tempting to fire the cannon in all directions, we are going to focus on some of its most exquisite beaches today. So without further ado, let us pack those sunscreens and snorkelling equipment and hit the road!

1. Pinhão Beach:
Sitting proudly upon the coastal rim of Lagos, Algarve, Pinhão Beach is most indubitably the best contestant to kick this list off with. Excellent sunbathing conditions, a preponderantly sunny weather, and, of course, the possibility to get cocktails are all factors that prove our assertion. This is further amplified by the fact that it is rather enclosed by cliffs and overshadowed by their majesty (and no, not literally – you will still have plenty of sun to bask in). Attracting thousands of visitors per annum, it even possesses a scintillating natural arch on its eastern extremity (a definite must-photograph if you know yourself to be fascinated by natural wonders – or if you just simply enjoy badass selfies, for that matter). Common amongst divers and snorkelers, the water is crystal clear and boasts countless hues. So, we bet that your sunscreen is already packed, eh (triple wink)?

2. Matosinhos Beach:
Happen to be visiting the world-famous city of Porto and in the mood for some sunbathing or swimming? Well, if you are, then we have just the thing for you! Located deep within the heart of the aforementioned city and considered one of the most inviting coastal stretches of Portugal, Matosinhos Beach (known to the locals as “Praia de Matosinhos”) is an absolute must-experience for everyone from all age groups. Offering outstanding conditions for sunbathing and boasting soft golden sand, it is commonly used for surfing and windsurfing. If you want to further amplify the experience, just glance to the left and you will witness the renowned Castle of Queijo looming in the distance ominously. The only thing to keep an eye out for is the time when too many surfers are present – that usually means a tad heftier waves (wink).

3. Porto Santo Beach:
Well, we could not have carried on without including at least one beach from Portugal’s islands. In this case, we are talking about the Island of Porto Santo. Why? Well simply because its beaches are brilliant (sometimes complicated questions beg trivial answers – wink). The Porto Santo Beach (eponymously cool, if you want to put it that way) is about as scintillating as it can possibly get. Stretching for an awe-inspiring nine kilometres between Vila Baleira and Ponta da Calheta, it is a popular “party-zone” for tourists and locals alike at night. Furthermore, you will notice soon enough that it is not as crowd-plagued as its peers due to its massive size. This is your number-one beach to visit if you want to bask in the sunlight in tranquillity. Another interesting fact is that an urban legend states that the local sand cures rheumatism – worth a shot, we would say!

4. Gondarém Beach:
Being able to buy pizzas right next to a coastal stretch is just about as important as the water being calm, some people might say. Luckily, both of these preferences tend to come true in the case of the Gondarém Beach (known to locals as “Praia de Gondarém”) of Porto. With a total length of merely 115 metres, it may not appear like a megalomania-inducing war-machine. However, judging it by that only is like listening to real life through the radio. With a generally tranquil environment and golden sand, it has earned the Blue Flag distinction without any kind of restraint. Beyond popular with divers and snorkelers due to its unique underwater biodiversity, Gondarém Beach is recommended for families and fresh couples alike. Oh, and do not forget about those pizzas!

Did you enjoy our list? Which of these fine Portuguese beaches have you sunbathed on and which one of them has left you with the best aftertaste? Hit the comment section below and tell us all about it! See you on our next adventure!

Pinhão Beach

Pinhão Beach

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