Top 4 Beaches of Mauritius

The question whether you should visit Mauritius or not is a real no-brainer. Of course you should! Scintillating water, radiating palm trees, white sand, tropical weather, and brilliant food – these are the things that describe it the most. But here’s another interesting thing that you might want to know about this striking little island nation: Mark Twain used to idolise the place (and that’s saying something). He was once quoted asserting: “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.” So how can we go about exploring its grandeur? Well, easily! We hit its most awe-inspiring beaches first – so stay tuned!

1. Trou aux Biches:
Quite possibly one of the most impressive coastal stretches in the world, the beach of the small town of Trou aux Biches is simply unmissable. Situated majestically upon the northern coast of the island Mauritius, within the bounds of the Pamplemousses district, it received the World’s Leading Beach Destination at the World Travel Award in 2011. Isn’t that something to be lauded? Dotted with hotels, boutiques, restaurants, and all sorts of facilities that you can think of, it is as comfortable as it can get for a beach. The adjacent water is calm (perfect for families) and its jaw-dropping underwater sights only add to its splendour. If you are a passionate snorkeler or diver, you are bound to enjoy every second of this place. Oh, and did we mention the fact that the beach is public? Anyone can go! Hesitate no further!

2. Belle Mare Plage:
Did you know that some beaches of Mauritius are actually used for water-sports? Well, regardless whether you are a sportsman or not, you are bound to relish in the beauty and the accessibility of the beach of Belle Mare. Known officially as Belle Mare Plage, this majestic coastal stretch has the whitest sand that you can find on the island. Soft, sun-touched, and inviting, the sand has tranquillity-inducing effects to those who come into contact with it. The only things to keep an eye out for are the aforementioned sports events. If you hear a noisy jet-ski or a several shouting people, know that something sporty is going down. If you have no problems with the racket that people inadvertently produce, then this is definitely the beach for you. Even though the water is shallow, it might not be the best pick when considering family friendliness – all things considered. Why? Well, not only because of the sports, but also because it is a lot windier there and the currents are stronger. Stay safe!

3. Le Morne Brabant:
Situated upon the south-western rim of the island of Mauritius, Le Morne Brabant is a small peninsula that is a brilliant sight in and of itself. Overlooked by a massive basaltic mountain (Le Morne Mountain) that peaks at 556 metres, it cannot get any more majestic than that. Oh, and guess what? It also has a beach! Reaching a total length of 4 kilometres, its white sand and inviting nature attracts quite a few kite surfers. And you know what the best thing about it is? The fact that it is considered by the locals quite remote. When such a thing happens, you are bound to be visiting a relatively unpopulated beach. In contrast with the previous contestant (where noise was inevitable), here you can bask in the presence of the sound of the Indian Ocean in peace. And yes, it is completely family friendly. Not to mention the brilliant underwater marvels (wink)!

4. Blue Bay:
Though we have already given you some of the greatest of what Mauritius has to offer, it is often the Blue Bay that most tourists consider unparalleled. Quite a paradox also, because most tourists never get to see it – it is relatively untouched. So what about this hidden gem? Well, since it is situated on the semi-remote south-eastern rim of the island, it is visited by the more adventurous types mostly. These people, however, will not regret undertaking the trip as there are only few places around the world where you can see so many hues of blue – hence the name. Tranquil, white-sandy, and riddled with scenic palm trees, this fine place should definitely be witnessed. Ready to get away from the photographing flocks? Now you know where to go!

Did you enjoy our list? Which of the aforementioned coastal stretches have you visited and what lasting impressions have they left you with? Hit the comment section below and be sure to leave nothing out. Oh, and do not forget to check back from time to time for some exciting new updates! See you on our next adventure!

Le Morne Brabant

Le Morne Brabant

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