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Top 4 Beaches of Italy

Florence, Venice, Naples – all extraordinary places to visit within the bounds of Italy but while you’re there, you should not forget that you are in fact visiting a Mediterranean country. And what does that mean in terms of tourist-attractions? Well, awe-inspiring beaches and coastlines, of course! From azure waters to a mild climate zone, Italy has everything that you might need for an unforgettable experience. So, get yourself a plane ticket (if you choose the air as your relay) and get ready for the top beaches of the home of Leonardo Da Vinci!

1. Rimini:
Well, here we are, kicking off the list with one of the most jaw-dropping places in the entirety of Italy. Yes, Rimini is really that beautiful – not only the city and its sights but also its fascinating beach-stretch. Reaching a maximum length of about 15 kilometres, it harbours more than a 1,000 hotels and thousands of bars. Thought you knew all about coastal party-zones? Well, think again! Reaching into the Adriatic Sea in a scintillating fashion, its smooth sand offers and excellent place for sunbathing and, frankly, for relaxation. While it does tend to get a little crowded on the weekends during high season, it is fairly alright at other times. There is plenty of space for everyone. Oh, and did you know that snorkelling in the Mediterranean is a completely different experience than doing it in the Pacific or the Atlantic oceans? Go to Rimini and prove us right for you will not regret it (wink)!

2. Amalfi Coast:
This is another place that you may have heard about as its reputation can only be matched by its sheer gorgeousness. Sitting on the southern coast of the Salerno Gulf on the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Amalfi Coast (known locally as “Costiera Amalfitana”) is not only scenic but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. Attracting thousands of tourists annually and encompassing a total of 11,231 hectares in-between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno, it has quite a few beaches that you can visit. Though the Amalfi Coast is technically not a single beach but a gathering of many, it could not have remained unmentioned – that would have been an unforgivable crime. So, grab those bathing suits and photo cameras and hit the road for this proud Italian wonderland is bound to drop your jaws!

3. Rabbit Beach:
Quite an interesting name, isn’t it? Well, when we’re talking about the island of Lampedusa, we can expect nothing but grandeur and awe. Rabbit Beach (considered by tourists one of the most scenic places in Italy) is not only sandy and inviting but also quite frequented. This might turn off some people as the high season does see a lot of people but it is only because the waters are calm and the opportunities limitless. Snorkelling near the rocky faces of Rabbit Beach is more than recommended as the underwater sights are brilliant and unique to the Mediterranean (just make sure you avoid those cute-looking sea urchins) – the turtles there are famous. Oh, and did we mention that since it is a bit enclosed from the open sea, Rabbit Beach is an excellent place to take your children to (even if they cannot swim yet)? The water is shallow and you can walk into the sea dozens of metres before feeling neck-deep in aquamarine colours (wink)!

4. Tropea:
Situated deep within the bounds of the province of Vibo Valentia, in Calabria, Tropea is but a small municipality that looks modest on paper. But here’s the thing: it is not only a brilliant destination in and of itself, its beach is also more than exquisite. Its size isn’t something that stands out too much but that by no means translates itself as puny. Vibrant, colourful, and with a looming cliff at its western extremity, it can inspire nothing but awe and grandeur. Oh, and did we mention that the local weather is but an addition to its soft golden sand? Heaven-like – this is the word describing it the most. Like Nea Michaniona for the Greeks, Tropea is a place where you’ll find not only international tourists but locals as well (sometimes more locals than tourists). Countless Italians choose Tropea as their relaxation-spot for the summer, so learn a few words while you’re at it (wink)! Bongiorno!

Did you enjoy our list? Which of the aforementioned Mediterranean coastlines have you visited and what lasting impressions have they left you with? Tell us all about your unforgettable experiences in the comment section below and be sure to include the aftertaste that they left you with! Safe travels and we’ll see you on our next adventure!



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