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Top 5 Beaches of Barbados

Have you ever imagined yourself hitting the road and stopping only within the bounds of the tropical climate zone? Well, if you are one of the 90% of the people who would have answered yes to this question, then we are happy to tell you that today we are going to talk about the top beaches of the island Barbados. In spite of what the title says, you must understand that ranking such marvellous places was near-impossible and that if your favourite beach does not make it on the list, it doesn’t mean that it is not exquisite. Because frankly, all of them are! This list is based solely on feedback and it will always be the opinions of travellers that will matter. So, without further ado, let’s hit the beaches (wink)!

1. Brownes Beach:
This is quite possibly one of the most talked-about expanses of sand on the island of Barbados and because of this, it should definitely be the one to kick off this list. Stretching proudly between Needham’s Point and The Boatyard (two wondrous places for you to also check out), Brownes Beach is one of the longest beaches of this tropical paradise. Situated just outside the capital city of Bridgetown, it is the definition of an ideal beach: calm waters (both for simple swimming and for snorkelling), wonderful sunbathing locations, and pristine white sand. Overlooking Carlisle Bay majestically, Brownes Beach is a direct gateway into the underwater wonders that it has to offer from shipwrecks to tropical fish. Oh, so you might even want to consider diving there – however, always have a professional watch your back, to be safe.

2. Worthing Beach:
The second most mentioned beach of the island is Worthing Beach. Situated on the south rim of Barbados, it is an unparalleled white stretch of sand located in Worthing. Like Brownes Beach, it is also an excellent location for people who wish to either snorkel or dive for it offers a proximal coral reef with fascinating sights. The local waters are calm and thus swimming is as safe as it can get (note that water depth there is no more than 1-2 metres – it is a brilliant swimming place for children). Beach chairs and umbrellas can be rented for the day and from food to drinks, one can purchase anything nearby. Note also that it is located adjacent to the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – another significant landmark of the island of Barbados.

3. Mullins Beach:
If you want to experience Barbados to the fullest, Mullins Beach should not be left out due to its fascinating view and its white sand (not to mention the underwater wonders that one can bask in if one chooses to submerge). Located within the bounds of the parish of St. Peter, it is most indubitably one of the most popular beaches on the Barbadian west coast. Bask in the shade of the fine “Casuarinas” or the palm trees as you sip on a cocktail for this is the perfect place to do so! Lunch and jet-ski options (for daredevils who do not fear the waves and for those who have the budget for it) are available for those who are interested. Note also that Mullins Beach has an extraordinary, newly-created car park for you to leave your car at.

4. Gibbes Beach:
Situated upon the west coast (also known as the Gold Coast) of the island of Barbados like the previous stretch, Gibbes beach is considered one of the calmest beaches of the island (both in terms of the water and the people). Reaching into the bounds of the Caribbean Sea with grace, its golden sand is warmed by the afternoon sun in a way that its allure becomes irresistible. Even people who do not particularly enjoy the heat will be alright as temperatures rarely rise above 30-32 degrees Celsius. Conjoined with the popular Mullins Beach, it is still one of the most unpopulated beaches of the island – an ideal place for people who do not particularly enjoy crowded places. Both Holetown and Speightstown are located close to the beach, so if you happen to be looking for local restaurants, those are the places that you will find some. And no, you cannot call it Hermit Beach (wink)!

5. Paynes Bay Beach:
Known also as the “Platinum Coast”, Barbados’ Paynes Bay is located on the western coast of the island. Did you notice that traveller feedback tends to sway towards the west coast? Tourists who are looking for the best swimming locations on the island should consider Paynes Bay for it is deemed as such by the locals – they attribute its positive characteristics to the calm waters of the Caribbean (not to mention the white sandy beach and the imposing palm trees). This, however, may be counterproductive to surfers as they may be looking for “rougher” waters. Constantly developed, Paynes Bay is now lined with luxury establishments as well as more “budget-savvy” ones. This is also an excellent swimming place for children.

Did you enjoy our tropical list? What experiences have you had on Barbados and what lasting impressions have they left you with? Hit the comment sections below and tell us all about it! See you next time, sailor (wink)!



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