Top 3 Parks of Barbados

Visiting the Caribbean is more than just a simple experience as it can work its way under your skin and cause lasting remembrance. Yes, that is how marvellous the tropical climate zone really is! But which island or country should you visit when you are ready to spend your money smartly? Well, Barbados, for one, is a brilliant place to start because everyone speaks English and it is generally safe. Additionally, temperatures never drop below 26 degrees Celsius and it receives over 3,000 sunshine hours yearly. Not to mention the fact that all this happens all year long. No matter when you visit this fine Caribbean island, you are bound to be entertained to your maximum.

Yet no matter how much we try to adhere to the busy standards of a common tourist, we should always strive to be ourselves when it comes to travelling. This means that, from time to time, we should look for natural getaways and formidable recreational zones. Fortunately for such people, Barbados has quite a few places that are devoid of the busyness of the everyday man. Thus, we have arrived at the understanding that a visit to Barbados is not only about its exquisite beaches but also about its grandiose parks and natural environments. So, without further ado, let us see the most alluring of them!

1. Farley Hill National Park:
Situated around the once pompous Farley Hill house, Farley Hill National Park is a popular attraction of the island of Barbados when it comes to couples getting married (or just married). If you are on the lookout for places where you could deepen your relationship, you could consider this place as it would surely not disappoint. The local scenery and the abundance of majestic mahogany trees grant it a unique look (not to mention a romantic one). Common among locals as well due to the fact that it offers perfect locations for picnics, the park overlooks Barbados’ Atlantic coast ceremoniously. Up for an unforgettable overlook? Officially opened as a national park by Queen Elizabeth II in 1966 (that is the exact same year when Barbados attained its independence), it served as host to countless musical events such as the Gospel Fest or the Reggae on the Hill. So, if you want to musically deepen your relationship, do not hesitate (wink)!1

2. Bathsheba Park:
Without a single drop of doubt one of the most renowned areas of the island of Barbados, Bathsheba Park is located right next to the small town of Bathsheba (a good-enough reason to not leave it out). Boasting with a gentle blend between man-made conveniences and natural panoramas, the beachside park is an outstanding place for recreation and relaxation for children and adults alike. Romantic encounters are more than adequate there – as you may have noticed, most of Barbados’ parks are enchanting enough to offer unforgettable couple-experiences. The local waves produce excellent conditions for surfers both professional and amateur while the smooth fields make it a good place for friendly cricket matches. Local stalls offer you whatever you might need for your stay there, including specially-designed footwear to mitigate the possible inconveniences of the rocky beach-stretch (in spite of these conditions, mussel-hunting is more than recommended there). For those who like to be alone, we can recommend that you visit the place during weekdays for weekends tend to be a bit more tumultuous.

3. Queen’s Park:
One of the most visited national parks of Barbados, Queen’s Park is most indubitably the crown jewel of the capital city of Bridgetown (the place that you are most likely to stay at should you have the money for it). Located in the north-eastern section of the city, it used to be the dwelling of the Commander of the British Troops posted in Barbados for the West Indies. Bordered by Roebuck and Crumpton Streets to the north and west (both excellent places to check out), and Halls and Constitution Roads to the east and south (ditto), Queen’s Park shares certain parts of its area with Harrison College and the Headquarters of the Barbados Transport Board. Maintained by the National Conservation Commission, the establishment harbours the Daphne Joseph Hackett theatre and the Queen’s Park Gallery. Designed by Lady Gilbert Carter, it has been designated a location of historical importance.

Did you enjoy our list? What experiences have you had with the parks of Barbados? Be sure to hit the comment section below and tell us all about it! See you next time and safe travels!

Farley Hill National Park

Farley Hill National Park

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