6 Things to Know Before Visiting Brazil

Capoeira, fine people, warm weather and jungles: these are the things that lure most tourists to the fascinating country that is Brazil. These are all additions to its flamboyant nightlife, its grandiose vistas and its major cities riddled with palm trees. So before you race there, take a thorough peek at our list of the top six things to know before visiting Brazil.

1. Coffee:
We all know how large a part Brazil plays when it comes to coffee production but here’s the thing: they not only produce it, they adore it! You will see cafes on every corner and coffee machines will litter most establishments. This is kind of a standard in those parts but there is also a downside if you are a fan of fine cappuccino. Why? Because you might not find any there. Brazil likes filtered coffee more than anything and they do not particularly enjoy reaching into the bounds of “fancy stuff”. This, however, does not apply to certain high-class establishments, if you catch our drift (wink).

2. Communication:
We have to put this out on the table right away: there are no introverted people in Brazil. If you happen to find one, please capture it! Just kidding – people are talkative, helpful and they will do their best to get their meanings across. This is the exact opposite of Finland or of Norway, where people are still nice but they tend to be a lot more reserved. Scientists often link this phenomenon to the Sun (and how much sunshine people are exposed to) but that would make the Spaniards the most talkative people in the… wait a minute (wink)…

3. Kissing and hugging:
And here’s another by-product of the extroversion: everybody kisses and hugs everybody. If you happen to be travelling from countries that do not do this by custom, frown not on them for they are only trying to be friendly. Personal space in Brazil is almost non-existent as people will constantly touch you, pat you on your back and interact with you in their own ways. Just accept it and after a certain while, you might grow to like it.

4. Celebrations:
And since sunshine is abundant in Brazil, the locals will do their best to reflect its scintillation. And what better way is there to do that? Well, party of course! You will find so many celebrations and small, localised and often isolated parties that you are sure to enjoy the hell out of your trip. Oh, and while you’re at it, keep an eye out for beach parties as well because the Brazilian way of handling that is by all means unique.

5. Language barriers:
This might be a problem for those who speak only English: it is not all that widely-spoken in Brazil. Portuguese is the language that you should be looking into prior to visiting the country but Spanish can often get you by as well (for they are extremely similar). While English is known by some people below 40, it might not help you in places where you’d direly need it such as restaurants or bars. Try to grab yourself a small interaction dictionary and be on your way, trailblazer!

6. Religion:
Over 80% of the population of Brazil is Roman Catholic and they attend sermons quite often. The abundance of churches and cathedrals adds to the power of Christianity in the country but here’s the thing: they also offer cool sights for you to check out. And if you have seen the statue of “Cristo Redendor”, you will surely understand just how important religion is in Brazil. Oh, and do not curse using the name of God – that is not nice, no matter where you are!

Did you enjoy our list? What experiences have you had in Brazil and what aftertaste have they left you with? Hit the comment section below and tell us all about it! Safe travels!

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