Top 8 Tallest Buildings in Pakistan

Being the fifth-most populated country in the entire world has to amount to something, doesn’t it? Well, this is most certainly true for the Middle Eastern country of Pakistan as its architectural marvels are not to be underestimated by any means. Some cities like Islamabad, Karachi, or even Lahore have such exquisite skylines that they make brilliant panoramic photos with even devices as simple as old cell phones. So what’s the deal with the architecture-buff stuff? Well, today, we are going to explore the top 8 tallest buildings in the country, so you’d better overcome your fear of heights – at least for the duration of the article (wink). Oh, and on the side-note, this list will also include buildings that are still under construction or on hold – in this case, even unfinished ideas get to complete!

8. Dolmen City Tower A:
Decorating the inner bounds of the Pakistani city of Karachi (the old capital), the Dolmen City Tower A is definitely a skyscraper to take your breath. Reaching a sky-piercing height of 151 metres and boasting 40 massive floors, it was designed and erected by the accomplished architect Arshad Shahid Abdullah. Used mainly as an office building, the Dolmen City Tower A has a massive total of 12 elevators that visitors can choose from.

7. Pearl-Continental Hotel Tower:
If you ever find yourself exploring the city of Lahore, you should most definitely take a peek at the Pearl-Continental Hotel Tower, a massive skyscraper reaching 152.4 metres in height. Boasting a total of 1,100 rooms and 40 floors above ground, it was originally proposed in the year 2005. Functioning as a hotel, it is one of the most recognisable parts of Lahore’s skyline (do check a photo).

6. AKD Tower:
Reaching towards the sky with its height of 155 metres, the AKD Tower of Karachi sits on the Dr Ziauddin Ahmed Road like a proud bastion of architectural magnificence. With 31 floors planned above ground level and proposed as an office, it was first commissioned in the year 2008.

5. Sheikh Zayed 01:
Known only as the Sheikh Zayed 01 project (one of two planned towers), this specific Lahori skyscraper is currently on hold but it plans to extend its height to 195 metres. With construction having started in the year 2006, it will have 50 floors above ground and will be used mainly for office spaces.

4. The Centaurus Hotel:
Quite possibly one of the most recognisable hotels in all of Pakistan, the The Centaurus Hotel is renowned for its height as well. Reaching exactly 200 metres and boasting a massive total of 350 rooms, it harbours 38 levels above ground. Sitting in the heart of the Pakistani capital city of Islamabad, it has been under construction since the year 2006.

3. Chapal Skymark:
Made mainly of concrete and reaching a maximum height of 210 metres, the Chapal Skymark of the city of Karachi will be one of the most extravagant residential structures in the entirety of the Middle East upon reaching completion. Boasting 50 floors and commissioned in 2015, it is quite a contestant to be keeping an eye on in the future.

2. Grand Hyatt Hotel:
Though it has run into quite a few legal issues, the planned Grand Hyatt Hotel of Islamabad intends to raise itself to 217 metres towards the sky. Is that impressive enough to be the forerunner of this competition? Definitely! With 45 floors planned, it will be made of concrete should it ever overcome its problems. Keep an eye out for this one as well, as the tides of the future are seldom predictable (wink)!

1. Bahria Town ICON Tower:
And we have finally arrived at the indubitable champion of today’s competition, the tallest building in Pakistan: the Bahria Town ICON Tower of the city of Karachi. Reaching a maximum height of 273 metres and still under construction since 2010, it vastly outruns and outguns all previous contestants. With a floor count of 62 and costing more than 162 million dollars, it boasts a tower Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 2,230,500 square metres. If that isn’t impressive, then we have no idea what is! Oh, and let us not forget about the fact that this one was also designed by the architect Arshad Shahid Abdullah!

Did you enjoy our list? Which of the aforementioned structures have you visited and what opinions have they filled you with? Would you bask in their brilliance again if you were given the chance? Do you think Pakistan is a worthy contestant when it comes to majestic global architecture? Tell us all about it in the comment section below and leave nothing out! Oh, and be sure to check back from time to time and explore some of our latest content (wink)! Safe travels!

Islamabad Skyline

Islamabad Skyline

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