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3 Finnish Museums Everyone Should Visit

Have you ever been to the official home country of Santa Claus? No, we are not kidding, for the Finnish town of Rovaniemi has acquired a certificate that states that it is the official home town of the world-famous “Christmas Man”. Yet this is not what we are here to talk about – today, we… Read more »

3 British Museums Everyone Should Visit

If you’ve ever travelled to Britain, you have most indubitably run across at least one majestic museum. The reason for this is simply that there are so many exquisite cultural landmarks adorning the proud island complex that they are impossible to miss. Let us see some of them that should not be missed by any… Read more »

Top 5 Planetariums Everyone Should Visit

The time has come for us to explore the wonders of the universe together. What? With a shuttle? No, of course not! We are going to do it via the exquisite man-made planetariums that offer us thorough glimpses of what really is out there. We cannot promise that you won’t believe in the plausibility of… Read more »