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6 Things to Know Before Visiting Vietnam

As we may all know, Vietnam has become a tourist hotspot in the past 25 years due to its agreeable climate, vivid atmosphere and exquisite sights. Know, however, that Vietnam is one of the few remaining countries that operate under a communist regime. Though this is not that much enforced in the day-to-day life, it… Read more »

The 10 Busiest Airports in the World by Passenger Traffic

Have you ever wondered which airports are the most packed? Well here’s a list that will most certainly quench your thirst for knowledge. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the countdown. 10. The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport: Located in Dallas-Fort Worth, in the U.S. state of Texas, the eponymous airport is the tenth-largest… Read more »

Visit Johannesburg – The City of Gold

With a metropolitan population of nearly 8 million, Johannesburg is incontestably the largest city in South Africa. The provincial capital of Gauteng (meaning ‘place of gold’), Johannesburg is widely-regarded as the modern-day El Dorado of Africa (hence the title). The nickname was given to the city due to a large gold deposit along the local… Read more »

Visit Florence – The Crucible of Art

There are few other places like Florence on planet Earth that can boast with such an abundant history of art and of culture. Many great people set foot there from Dante Alighieri to polymath Leonardo da Vinci. Florence is most undoubtedly tinged by its Renaissance roots more than any other city and it is a… Read more »