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Top 3 St Olave Churches in Britain

St Olave's

Up for a trip to the United Kingdom? Alright then, because today, we are going to explore the country for some of its finest pieces of architecture. More specifically, its religious structures dedicated to St Olave. If we come to think of it, there is no doubt about the fact that it is the best… Read more »

Top 3 St Botolph Churches in London

St Botolph's Aldgate

Though London may be rainy and often quite gloomy, it does not mean that it is bereft of brilliant sights. Its churches, for example, are as extraordinary as they can get. If we think about Sir Christopher Wren, who was single-handedly responsible for a total of 51 churches after the Great Fire of London of… Read more »

Top 3 Opera Houses of London

Royal Albert Hall

Visiting the scintillating capital of the United Kingdom does not necessarily mean that you should only stick to pubs, the National Gallery, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye. While they are excellent sights and experiences in and of themselves, there is plenty more to explore within the bounds of this historical city. While strolling about… Read more »

3 Parks Around the World You Should Visit

What many tourists tend to do when they are exploring unknown places is forget to calm down or to and recreate just a little bit every now and then. This, of course, is not only essential for the body but also for the brain, your organ-buddy who sometimes needs the time to stop calculating (wink)…. Read more »

Top 3 Historical Sights of Budapest

Buda Castle

If you like to travel the world, then there will come a time in your “career” when you’ll long to visit Budapest, the scintillating capital city of Hungary. Situated in Central Europe, Hungary is one of the most historically-rich countries in the world as countless cultures and sovereign states have interacted or clashed upon its… Read more »

Top 3 Churches in Budapest


There are countless reasons why people flock to Budapest each year and naming each and every one of them is next to impossible. Interesting people, the River Danube, outstanding monuments, cultural shows, tongue-inciting restaurants, and, of course, ancient churches – these are the things that draw the most people to the proud capital of Hungary…. Read more »

3 Texan Museums Everyone Should Visit

Being the second-largest state of the United States of America both in terms of population and area grants Texas a few luxuries. First of all, it has a community as diverse and exciting as it can get and second, it has quite a few awe-inspiring cultural establishments that no tourist should leave out by any… Read more »

3 Belgium Museums Everyone Should Visit

Have you ever considered museum-hunting in Belgium? Well, if you have, then we have just the thing for you for we are going to talk about some of the most exquisite cultural establishments that the nucleus of the European Union has to offer. Oh, and before you go there, you might want to brush up… Read more »