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6 Things to Know Before Visiting Norway

Besides the renowned Drakkar longships and the stout Vikings (note the TV series), Norway is known for its cool weather, intelligent people and, of course, its abundance of heavy metal bands (wink). Yet before you travel there, we recommend that you read through the following list and keep as many of our tips in mind… Read more »

6 Things to Know Before Visiting Hungary

Hungary is famous for many things from the invention of the ball-point pen and Rubik’s Cube to the absolute shroud that covers the true origins of its people but there are a few other things that you might want to know before travelling there. So, without further ado, here are six things you should be… Read more »

6 Things to Know Before Visiting Bhutan

As we may all know, Bhutan is a small country located between India and China in the Himalayan Mountains – specifically in the Eastern Himalayas. Since most people there are Buddhists, they are hospitable, nice and welcoming. Yet before you visit, there are a few things that you should be aware of. Here are six… Read more »

6 Things to Know Before Visiting Romania

As we may all know, Romania is quite possibly one of the most “Eastern European” countries that you can find out there. Beautiful vistas, colourful people and, of course, low prices for everything. Yet before you pick up your backpack and head that way, make sure you acquaint yourself with a few basic dos and… Read more »

6 Things to Know Before Visiting Vietnam

As we may all know, Vietnam has become a tourist hotspot in the past 25 years due to its agreeable climate, vivid atmosphere and exquisite sights. Know, however, that Vietnam is one of the few remaining countries that operate under a communist regime. Though this is not that much enforced in the day-to-day life, it… Read more »

6 Things to Know Before Visiting Thailand

Thailand has become one of the most coveted tourist hotspots and when you take a look at their customs and their sacred sites, you will long to go there as well (not to mention the forgiving climate). Yet before you make the stride, let us share a few things with you that might ease your… Read more »

6 Things to Know Before Visiting India

India is one of those countries that most tourists want to visit at one point or another. This is because of its rich history, warm climate and friendly people (not to mention the spiritual values). Yet before one undertakes the trip, one must acquaint oneself with certain basic need-to-knows. Luckily, we are here to talk… Read more »