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Visit Seattle – The Jet City

Seattle is one of the most iconic cities of the USA (North America) with its impressive metropolitan population of almost 4 million people. Known for its historically-documented fast rate of grown, Seattle remained amongst the top world cities. Excavations have revealed that the area upon which the city was built had been inhabited by Native… Read more »

Visit Tokyo – The Haven of the Future

With a metropolitan population of almost 38 million, Tokyo is both the largest city and the capital of Japan. What this means is that Tokyo basically has the most populous metropolitan area in the world (outrunning even Shanghai and Jakarta). The city had formerly been known as Edo but it was renamed in the Nineteenth… Read more »

Visit Athens – The Heart of Lore

Countless cities have risen from nothing over the ages but neither of them could match the majestic nature of Athens. Home to many a great institution from Aristotle’s Lyceum to Plato’s renowned Academy, the capital of Greece is one of the oldest cities in the world. Reaching back more than 3.400 years into the past,… Read more »

Visit Cape Town – The City of Diamonds

We have all heard the stories about how important the province of South Africa is when it comes to diamond production. A world leader in the aforementioned endeavour, South Africa is one of the wealthiest African countries. Formerly a stronghold of the British Empire, now a thriving metropolis, Cape Town boasts with a metropolitan population… Read more »

Visit Cairo – A Gateway to Ascension

Cairo is both the most populous city and the capital of Egypt. With a metropolitan population of over 20 million, Cairo is the largest metropolis of the Middle East. According to legend, it was founded when The Counquering Star, Mars (al-Najm al-Qahir) was rising and thus it bears a deep spiritual meaning to locals and… Read more »

Visit Funchal – The Gift of the Ocean

As we may all know, Funchal is the capital of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, Portugal. Due to its exotic location, the city is very well-trodden by tourists from all over the world. With cruise-lines coming in from all directions, Funchal boasts with a very busy harbour all year long. What’s really interesting is that… Read more »