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5 Things to Know Before Visiting Liechtenstein

As you may have gathered by now, visiting Europe isn’t exactly a simple feat as there are so many hidden nooks and crannies to explore that you are going to want to see them all at once. One such hidden jewel is the doubly-landlocked microstate known as Liechtenstein. Bordered by Switzerland and Austria, it has… Read more »

4 Swiss Museums Everyone Should Visit

As we may all know, Switzerland is not only famous for its banks but also for its exquisite museums. It might be that some of them have managed to elude your sight and if they have, then this is a perfect time to consider making up for the loss (wink). Excellence, professionalism and elegance –… Read more »

The 7 Tallest Dams in the World

Exploring the largest and most imposing dams in the world is no easy feat, we know, for the experience can be both terrifying and majestic at the same time. With such creations, man has again proved that he is capable to erect timeless structures. Let us explore these dams together and bask in their functional… Read more »