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Visit Thessaloniki – The Echo of the Byzantine Empire


There aren’t many cities around the world quite like Thessaloniki as its unique position upon the Aegean Sea gives it an excellent trade position. Bound by the administration of the Central Macedonian region (Greek Macedonia) and the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia and Thrace, it used to be the second most important city after the mighty… Read more »

Top 3 Parks of Barbados


Visiting the Caribbean is more than just a simple experience as it can work its way under your skin and cause lasting remembrance. Yes, that is how marvellous the tropical climate zone really is! But which island or country should you visit when you are ready to spend your money smartly? Well, Barbados, for one,… Read more »

6 Outstanding Canyons Everyone Should Visit

You may have seen all those wonderful movies with canyons in them and where they tend to play a more subtle part: the immovable grandeur of Planet Earth. While these giant serpents (as seen from above) decorate our home, we should not stay idle and miss out on their awe-inspiring nature. This is precisely why… Read more »