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Top 4 Libraries of the World

If you are prepped for another adventure, you might want to know that sometimes it is great to read on the road. How does this tie in with sightseeing around the world? Well, the answer is simple: whenever you are in doubt, hit a library and dive into the works of masters that came before… Read more »

Top 3 Historical Sights of Budapest

Buda Castle

If you like to travel the world, then there will come a time in your “career” when you’ll long to visit Budapest, the scintillating capital city of Hungary. Situated in Central Europe, Hungary is one of the most historically-rich countries in the world as countless cultures and sovereign states have interacted or clashed upon its… Read more »

Top 5 Bridges of Budapest

Chain Bridge

Prior to visiting Hungary, you might have heard a thing or two about the undeniable beauty of the bridges of its capital city, Budapest. Reaching back into history in an elegant fashion, these majestic structures reach across the Danube and connect the Buda section of the city to the Pest section. So which are the… Read more »

Top 4 Deserts of the World

Atacama Desert

“Who would want to visit a desert?” you might ask. Well, let’s just say that the driest places in the world aren’t necessarily the most undesirable. There is plenty of fun to be had if you know just where to look for it. Tranquil sunsets, windless hours, warmth, and, of course, silence. Really, there’s nothing… Read more »

Top 4 Palaces in London

If you are a tourist who loves huge cities, then you are bound to hit London at one time or another. When that comes to pass, you are most probably going to be looking for its most renowned sights and landmarks. Yes, the proud capital of the United Kingdom does have thousands of interesting things… Read more »

Top 4 Churches of Sibiu

No matter where you might tread in Romania, you cannot omit visiting the city of Sibiu (also known as Nagyszeben) located in the Transylvania administrative region. Built and maintained largely by the Transylvanian Saxon community, its narrow streets, moody buildings and exquisite parks are unrivalled. You might even catch street bazaars here and there or… Read more »

4 Must-See Monoliths in London

Nelson's Column

As you may have noticed in the title, today we are going to take a look at some of the most exquisite upright monuments of London (and no, we are not talking about Kubrick’s monolith in this article). While London in and of itself is a massive melting pot of monuments and landmarks, we want… Read more »

Top 4 Beaches of Corfu

Gouvia Beach

One cannot visit Greece and omit hitting the island of Corfu. Why exactly? Well, simply because it is one of the most varied islands of the country. Marvellous sights, a moody little capital town (Corfu Town), English-speaking people, breath-taking coastlines, narrow roads, tall mountains, and, of course, exceptional beaches. But what of those beaches? We… Read more »

Top 5 Beaches of Barbados

Mullins Beach

Have you ever imagined yourself hitting the road and stopping only within the bounds of the tropical climate zone? Well, if you are one of the 90% of the people who would have answered yes to this question, then we are happy to tell you that today we are going to talk about the top… Read more »

4 Must-See Castles in Transylvania

Corvin Castle

No matter where one might tread, one cannot ignore the sheer awesomeness of the local castles. Since most of the world is dotted with exquisite ancient buildings, we could not help but wish to acquaint you with the fabled (and sometimes deemed scary) castles of Transylvania. While no werewolves or vampires are likely to strike… Read more »