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6 Things to Know Before Visiting Romania

As we may all know, Romania is quite possibly one of the most “Eastern European” countries that you can find out there. Beautiful vistas, colourful people and, of course, low prices for everything. Yet before you pick up your backpack and head that way, make sure you acquaint yourself with a few basic dos and… Read more »

4 Norwegian Museums Everyone Should Visit

Have you ever wondered about how well the Norwegians can preserve their cultural ancestry? Well, you are about to find out that they did an outstanding job and to top it all off, they’re even affordable! Let’s explore some of the most exquisite ones together! 1. Norsk Folkemuseum: The Norsk Folkemuseum is an open-air museum… Read more »

4 Swedish Museums Everyone Should Visit

Sweden is known for many great things (yes, we are looking at you, ABBA) but its museums are no less significant than their other endeavours. Today, we are going to look at five museums around the country that no one should leave out by any means. If you are the type that likes to delve… Read more »

Visit Moscow – The Reverberation of the Tsars

Moscow is both the most populous city and the capital of the Russian Federation with a metropolitan population consisting of almost 17 million inhabitants. Being a cultural, economic and political nucleus, Moscow boasts with being the largest city on the European continent as well. Reaching into numerous top world-lists from “largest by population within city… Read more »