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Top 6 Castles Everyone Should Visit

Are you ready to explore some of the most exquisite structures of the world? Are you ready to witness the grandeur of our ancestors crystallised within their bounds? Well, if you are, then let us tarry no longer and see what the world has to offer in terms of castles! 6. Buda Castle: Hungary is… Read more »

Visit Kolkata – The City of Palaces

With a metropolitan population way over 14 million, Kolkata (also known as Calcutta) is one of the largest and most important cities in India. Situated proudly on the Hooghly River, Kolkata is stretched upon a land area of 185 square kilometres (the metropolitan area expands to 1,886). In fact, its metropolitan area is so vast… Read more »

The 7 Most Awe-Inspiring Pyramids of the World

Are you one of those people who are fascinated by ancient structures whose meanings have not yet been discovered? Are you the type of person who visits ancient sites and contemplates their grandeur? Well, then we have just the thing for you for we are going to explore the most spectacular pyramids found in all… Read more »

Visit Cairo – A Gateway to Ascension

Cairo is both the most populous city and the capital of Egypt. With a metropolitan population of over 20 million, Cairo is the largest metropolis of the Middle East. According to legend, it was founded when The Counquering Star, Mars (al-Najm al-Qahir) was rising and thus it bears a deep spiritual meaning to locals and… Read more »