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Top 4 Houses of Historical Figures in London

Queen's House

And just when you thought that you knew everything about the majestic capital of the United Kingdom, you realise just how much you haven’t seen yet. Besides the jaw-dropping churches of Sir Christopher Wren, the great Piccadilly Square, the National Gallery, etc., there are also countless dwellings there that have once pertained to renowned historical… Read more »

Visit Thessaloniki – The Echo of the Byzantine Empire


There aren’t many cities around the world quite like Thessaloniki as its unique position upon the Aegean Sea gives it an excellent trade position. Bound by the administration of the Central Macedonian region (Greek Macedonia) and the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia and Thrace, it used to be the second most important city after the mighty… Read more »

Top 5 Fortified Churches in Romania

Prejmer Fortified Church

Did you know that Romania’s landscape is as varied as it can get? From mountains to flatlands you can find anything there and the quality of the air is simply unparalleled? But what of the man-made side of the story? Well, let’s just say that its structures bear the weight of a rich history indeed…. Read more »

4 Moroccan Museums Everyone Should Visit

If you’ve ever been to Morocco, you probably know how much the locals enjoy sharing their history, culture and art with visitors. In fact, you cannot walk through Marrakech, Tangier or Rabat and not be awe-struck by the sheer historical beauty that the buildings themselves emanate there. And wait, there’s more! Morocco’s museums are so… Read more »

4 Greek Museums Everyone Should Visit

“Greeks don’t fight like heroes, heroes fight like Greeks”, said Winston Churchill and his words translate directly into the cultural establishments of Greece. Besides their absolutely fascinating history, the Greeks have managed to stay on the world map both in terms of tourism and culture. So, without further dithering about, let us hop right into… Read more »

3 Texan Museums Everyone Should Visit

Being the second-largest state of the United States of America both in terms of population and area grants Texas a few luxuries. First of all, it has a community as diverse and exciting as it can get and second, it has quite a few awe-inspiring cultural establishments that no tourist should leave out by any… Read more »

3 Belgium Museums Everyone Should Visit

Have you ever considered museum-hunting in Belgium? Well, if you have, then we have just the thing for you for we are going to talk about some of the most exquisite cultural establishments that the nucleus of the European Union has to offer. Oh, and before you go there, you might want to brush up… Read more »

4 Japanese Museums Everyone Should Visit

You may know Japan for its scintillating history and its unique treatment of honour, but since times pass, so do people evolve. Today, it is one of the most technologically-advanced countries in the world and they boast with a great number of advances in robotics. So, let us explore what the Japanese people have been… Read more »