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Visit Moscow – The Reverberation of the Tsars

Moscow is both the most populous city and the capital of the Russian Federation with a metropolitan population consisting of almost 17 million inhabitants. Being a cultural, economic and political nucleus, Moscow boasts with being the largest city on the European continent as well. Reaching into numerous top world-lists from “largest by population within city… Read more »

Visit Funchal – The Gift of the Ocean

As we may all know, Funchal is the capital of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, Portugal. Due to its exotic location, the city is very well-trodden by tourists from all over the world. With cruise-lines coming in from all directions, Funchal boasts with a very busy harbour all year long. What’s really interesting is that… Read more »

Visit Bergen – The Drakkar Port-City

When one utters the name Bergen, one can already hear the echoes of the Vikings resounding in the spaces between the consonants. Built a few years after the fall of the Viking Age, Bergen has held out quite formidably throughout the centuries. But what would an ideal Viking city be if not a port-city? Well-known… Read more »

Visit Istanbul – Crescent Brilliance

One cannot speak of unique cities without inexorably drawing in the majestic presence of Istanbul. A transcontinental city located on the Bosphorus strait (neighboured by the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara), Istanbul is one of the most important establishments of Turkey. It is not only a cultural hub but also a major trade… Read more »

Visit Florence – The Crucible of Art

There are few other places like Florence on planet Earth that can boast with such an abundant history of art and of culture. Many great people set foot there from Dante Alighieri to polymath Leonardo da Vinci. Florence is most undoubtedly tinged by its Renaissance roots more than any other city and it is a… Read more »

Visit Málaga – The Echo of Phoenicia

Being the birthplace of both Antonio Banderas and the renowned artist, Pablo Picasso, who wouldn’t want to visit Málaga. Located in the south of Spain in the Province of Málaga (part of Andalusia), it serves as a cultural hub to all who set foot there. With its warm climate and its proximity to the Mediterranean… Read more »

Visit Malmö – The Jewel of the North

As we may all be well aware, Malmö is one of the most important cities of Sweden. Part of the Oresund Region and an important cultural centre, Malmö boasts with being one of the most aesthetic and flamboyant cities of Sweden. Due to its position and its vibrant student-life, the city stands out as one… Read more »