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5 Things to Know Before Visiting Singapore

If you are one of those people who particularly enjoy the tropical climate zone, you are going to be pleased to hear sthat Singapore has got you covered. Located on the south-eastern tip of Asia, it is one of the most interesting city-states in the world. So, without further ado, let us pack you with… Read more »

5 Things to Know Before Visiting Luxembourg

Don’t tell us that you have never intended on visiting the smallest countries in the world! Of course you did because it is so fascinating to see how things can function with such enclosing borders. Well, Luxembourg is one of these tiny countries but when you come to think of it, it isn’t even that… Read more »

5 Things to Know Before Visiting Israel

Who hasn’t imagined visiting one of the most famous countries in the world, Israel? Popularised by the media and the tourism industry, the Jewish heartland is an excellent place to visit when you are up for a little warmth and natural grandeur. Yet no matter how beautiful a place might be, if it has flaws… Read more »

5 Things to Know Before Visiting Nicaragua

Central America has always had quite a reputation for being an excellent tourist destination for those who dare to brave its subtle intricacies. What this means is that one should know what one is doing if one is to visit those countries because, in spite of their aesthetic grandeur, they are not without their flaws…. Read more »

5 Things to Know Before Visiting Lithuania

Before we start, do you know which the two remaining Baltic languages in the world are? You guessed it, Latvian and Lithuanian. “But there are three Baltic states!” you might shout (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia). Well, here’s the thing: the Estonian language is considered a Finno-Ugric language. So, admiring Lithuania for its cultural perseverance and… Read more »

6 Things to Know Before Visiting Jordan

The time has come for us to talk a little bit about the glorious Kingdom of Jordan. Harbouring world-famous landmarks such as Petra and Rainbow Street (Amman), it truly is a paradise that tourists tend to enjoy. The Arabic world is exotic to most western travellers and few of them leave the Kingdom disappointed. Yet… Read more »

6 Things to Know Before Visiting Belarus

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe has often been viewed as a place of restriction and cheap travel. While this is only partly true, Belarus retains some core elements that defined the elder days. It is no secret that Belarus is one of the least visited countries in Europe but this is… Read more »

5 Things to Know Before Visiting Belgium

Belgium is a country that is located right between two massive tourist hubs: Paris of France and Berlin of Germany. For this particular reason, it is not as packed as the aforementioned two and it is far more racket-free. If you do not particularly enjoy the tumultuous tourist-seasons in Europe, Belgium is the best possible… Read more »

5 Things to Know Before Visiting Poland

There is no denying the fact that the Polish people are some of the most enthusiastic beings on Planet Earth and their perseverance and love for their nation shines through everything that they do. Besides the fact that they are extremely friendly and talkative (speaking their language is a big plus), their country is a… Read more »