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Top 5 Scams in Europe


Drawing in millions of tourists annually, Europe is most definitely a continent worth exploring in its entirety. However, the massive influx of outsiders has a not-so-enticing side-effect as well that local authorities have to deal with: scammers (criminals, of course). The more touristy a certain location, the more likely you are to run into shady… Read more »

Top 5 Scams in South America

After the overwhelming success of our previous article in this series (“Top 5 Scams in South America”), the scam-awareness train could not be derailed. Thus, we move ever onwards into somewhat uncharted waters and explore the most common scams and swindles that occur in South America. If you’ve ever been scammed and felt stupid about… Read more »

Turkmenistan – Top 5 Facts


Encompassing a total land area of 491,210 square kilometres and housing nearly 6 million inhabitants, the Central Asian country of Turkmenistan lies along the ancient trade route known as the Silk Road. This in and of itself would be enough to promote it into a tourism-heaven but still, it is not that crowded. Neighbouring Iran,… Read more »

Top 11 Safest Places in the World


Have you ever wondered which of the world’s countries are the safest to visit? No pickpocketing, no petty thievery, no conmen, and, of course, no manipulative frauds. In spite of that, one should never believe that any country can be totally exempt of shady characters – this is simply a statistical analysis, not a 100%… Read more »

6 Things to Know Before Visiting Mexico

In recent years, Mexico has seen an increase in tourism and its fascinating sights and ancient monuments are but additions to its already-irresistible allure. Warm climate, talkative and friendly people, exquisite food (and seasoning): these are the things that describe it the most. Yet, like most countries, it does experience a few bumps in the… Read more »

5 Things to Know Before Visiting Venezuela

South American countries have seen a significant increase in tourism in the past 10 years and this is mostly due to the love that they put in their local environment to make them friendly to outsiders. Yet Venezuela does not seem to adhere to this standard and here we are, about to explore exactly why…. Read more »

6 Things to Know Before Visiting Vietnam

As we may all know, Vietnam has become a tourist hotspot in the past 25 years due to its agreeable climate, vivid atmosphere and exquisite sights. Know, however, that Vietnam is one of the few remaining countries that operate under a communist regime. Though this is not that much enforced in the day-to-day life, it… Read more »

The 10 Most Violent Cities in the World

As you may have noticed, we always strive to recommend awesome places for you to visit but today, we are going to explore a totally different aspect of the world. We are going to dig into the most dangerous cities in the world in terms of major crimes (homicide, rape, etc). Of course, this does… Read more »