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Visit Mauritius – The Home of the Dodo

The Republic of Mauritius is surely one of the greatest destinations in the world when it comes to warm and long summers. In this tropical paradise, higher temperatures are mostly measured in January, with an annual average above 20 degrees Celsius. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has stunning geographical characteristics due to its volcanic… Read more »

Visit Funchal – The Gift of the Ocean

As we may all know, Funchal is the capital of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, Portugal. Due to its exotic location, the city is very well-trodden by tourists from all over the world. With cruise-lines coming in from all directions, Funchal boasts with a very busy harbour all year long. What’s really interesting is that… Read more »

Visit Bergen – The Drakkar Port-City

When one utters the name Bergen, one can already hear the echoes of the Vikings resounding in the spaces between the consonants. Built a few years after the fall of the Viking Age, Bergen has held out quite formidably throughout the centuries. But what would an ideal Viking city be if not a port-city? Well-known… Read more »