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Top 5 Coldest Places in the World


As we have already discussed some of the hottest places around the world, the time has come for us to look at the other end of the heat-spectrum. Yes, today we are going to explore the coldest places that one can visit around the globe. While we do not encourage you to brave blizzards if… Read more »

Top 5 Hottest Places in the World


There are all kinds of people around the world but when it comes to temperatures, the spectrum is often as wide as it can possibly be. Some people enjoy melting heat, others freezing cold, and then there are the 25-degrees-Celsius people who just can’t decide (wink). So, before you start going into deep self-scrutiny, let… Read more »

Visit Thessaloniki – The Echo of the Byzantine Empire


There aren’t many cities around the world quite like Thessaloniki as its unique position upon the Aegean Sea gives it an excellent trade position. Bound by the administration of the Central Macedonian region (Greek Macedonia) and the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia and Thrace, it used to be the second most important city after the mighty… Read more »