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Pakistan – Top 6 Facts


Harbouring more than 209 million inhabitants within its bounds, Pakistan is officially the fifth-most populous country in the entire world. Stretching upon only 881,913 square kilometres of land, it reaches into the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman, of course. Bordered by China, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, India, and Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor, it houses traces of… Read more »

Top 6 Mosques of Saudi Arabia

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi

Saudi Arabia is most indubitably a grandiose country with its magnificent architecture and history. Comprised of a population of 90% Arabs and 10% Afro-Arabs, it stretches upon an area of 2,149,690 square kilometres. Harbouring a massive total of 33 million inhabitants and known officially as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), it is the uncontested… Read more »

Laos – Top 6 Facts


Completely landlocked and bordered by Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, China, and Myanmar (Burma), Laos is a developing country upon the Indochinese peninsula that has quite a few things to show. Harbouring nearly 7 million inhabitants and stretching upon an area of 237,955 square kilometres, it is known locally as Muang Lao – the term Laos was… Read more »

Kiribati – Top 6 Facts


If you’re one of those people who fantasize about rocking the pacific and enjoying a fine tan, then we have just the thing for you as we are going to explore the Republic of Kiribati today. Harbouring just over 110,000 inhabitants, the island nation stretches upon 33 atolls and reef islands (with one raised coral… Read more »

Nauru – Top 6 Facts

Harbouring a population of just over 10,000, the island nation of Nauru is considered the world’s smallest independent republic. But how can that be when there clearly are smaller islands even in its vicinity? Well, those are all dependent territories on some other states, so this makes Nauru the uncontested champion in that regard. So… Read more »

Albania – Top 6 Facts

The coast of the great Mediterranean Sea has always been an irresistible place for tourists and Albania happens to be profiting from this as well. With scintillating shorelines, friendly people and majestic vistas, it has become a country that must not be left out by any means. Harbouring just over 2.8 million inhabitants and stretching… Read more »

Azerbaijan – Top 6 Facts

Bound by the grandeur of the Caspian Sea and South Caucasus, Azerbaijan (known officially as the Republic of Azerbaijan) is situated upon the crossroads between Southeastern Europe and Southwestern Asia. Harbouring nearly 10 million inhabitants and stretching upon an area of 86.600 square kilometres, it is bordered by Russia to the north, Iran to the… Read more »