Privacy Policy

By using the services of (site content, emails, videos, photos, audio materials), users (you) consent to the use and disclosure of information and details as described below in the Privacy Policy. Additionally, when you see the terms “us”, “our”, “we”, “the team”, “the site”, “freeminimaps”, or “”, know that they refer to “Freeminimaps”, an ADOREXIS company brand. The terms “you” and “your” refer to people using the services of


By using the services of, you consent to the collection and storage of the information that you upload to the site. This information is used to back up your data, provide relevant advertising, offer customer service, greatly improve the quality of the services themselves,  enhance security, and, of course, to offer a personalised experience.

  • By creating an account on, users consent to the storage of their first and last names, addresses, phone numbers, zip codes, gender, birth date, and photos uploaded to the site.
  • Your activities on such as commenting, reviewing, sharing photos, adding businesses are meant to happen in a public manner. By using our services, you consent to the publicity of your activities.
  • By using the services of, users consent to the storage of their navigation data, the time of their visits, the length of their visits, and the data that their devices (be they phones, tablets, laptops, personal computers, or other devices) provide such as: requested and referring URLs, utilised browser languages, IP addresses, phone numbers, unique device identifiers, mobile carriers, locations (geolocation, GPS location, and beacon-based location), and advertising identifiers).
  • By creating a account, you consent to being open to messages from fellow users, staff, and businesses. Additionally, you consent to the tracking of the messages that you receive and the actions that you perform in connection with them such as deletion, opening, or forwarding.
  • By using the services of, you consent to the storage of all the information that you provide (phone numbers, phone carriers, the date and time of the conversations) via emails, phone calls, and SMS text messages by the staff.


  •, third parties, and partners may use web beacons, tags, advertising identifiers, Cookies, HTML5 Cookies, Flash Cookies, scripts (Apple’s IDFA or Google’s Advertising ID), and other similar “Cookies” with regard to your use of our services, those of third parties, and of partners.
  • Users also consent to the fact that Cookies may embed themselves in their computers, mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and other devices, and that they may also present unique identifiers.
  • Finally, users consent to the prospect that Cookies may transmit information about them, their devices, their use of our services, their IP addresses, and all of their data regarding advertisements (along with their full tracking such as what users clicked on, ignored, the time spent on their usage, or what was displayed to them in the first place).

The storage and persistence (lifetime) of certain Cookies may be limited to a single session of the use of the services of

  • Disabling certain Cookies via browsers is, of course, possible but it will severely affect the functionality and the practicality of the site. Also, disabling Cookies will have different effects on different devices. Users should always make sure to check their Cookie settings, and, if possible, allow them to be stored.


  • reserves the right to investigate or disclose personal information and data provided by users if the staff objectively considers it to be vital to law enforcement and/or the protection of human or property rights. Law enforcement remains a priority in all cases of information disclosure.
  • is not responsible for any damage done by unaffiliated third party links to the privacy and/or properties of users.
  • is not responsible for any damage done by unaffiliated third party links provided to users by other users directly.
  • is in no way responsible for the unaffiliated third party misuse of the information that users provide publicly.
  • is in no way responsible for unaffiliated third party executables provided by users to peers.
  • reserves the right to disclose summative user information to third parties such as content distributors and advertisers. This, for example, includes how many times a user clicked on an advertisement or how many times it was ignored. Thus, also reserves the right to collect and store all forms of advertisement exposure data.


  • Users of reserve the right to terminate their accounts at any given time. Their public posts, profiles, and comments, thus, will be removed from visibility but may retain the information initially provided for disclosure should a case of law enforcement emerge.
  • Businesses may not remove their reviews, ratings, or listings by closing their accounts.
  • No child under the age of 14 may provide personal information to does no knowingly store data from children under the age of 14. If such a case is discovered, the staff of takes all the necessary steps to terminate the account of the child and to delete all data pertaining to it.


  • takes all necessary industry-standard measures to safeguard the personal information of its users. Since no information transfer over the internet is 100% safe, we cannot guarantee absolute protection.
  • Any complaints and observed wrongdoings may be reported to the staff via the email address.
  • reserves the right to modify the Privacy Policy at any given time. The staff, however, is required to notify all users of all changes to the Privacy Policy either via emails or using disclaimers on this page. By continuing to use the services of after the changes have been disclosed, users automatically agree to its terms.