Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

7 Must-Visit Places in the World for Artistic Inspiration

As we may all know, vacations differ from each other in terms of spiritual value: there are people who go to certain places for specific reasons and there are those who wander aimlessly, attempting to find themselves mirrored in the world. However, we must never overlook the latter group, for, as our dear friend J. R. R. Tolkien once said, “Not all those who wander are lost”. So, why would anyone ever squander one’s time and not choose a specific target and/or trip? Well, this often boils down the artists and/or people in search of inspiration, élan, and, of course, of vitality. So, today we decided to do something entirely different and target this beautiful group of people – the ones who dare to wander and who are more than happy to do so of their own volition (wink). Today, we are going to see the top seven places in the world where one could potentially be inspired for life.

7. Turda Gorge:
Sitting just 15 kilometres south of the Transylvanian city of Cluj-Napoca, the Turda Gorge is a place that no traveller in search of their soul should ever leave out. Considered one of the most prized natural reserves in Europe, it is as scenic as it can get with its 300-metre-tall walls and over 60 caves. Those in search of inner elation are also advised to approach the reserve from the top and gape down into its bounds – this will surely leave you with a couple artistic ideas (wink)!

6. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove:
If you happen to find yourself in the close vicinity of Kyoto, Japan, be sure to check out the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, an almost mystical place that is bound to fill you up with creative enthusiasm. In and of itself, it is a forest with a myriad of pathways and bamboo trees spiking up towards the sky. If that isn’t causing you a dreamy state, then we have no idea what would!

5. Atacama Desert:
Considered the driest place on the entire planet, the Atacama Desert is as majestic as it is tranquil. Stretching upon 105,000 square kilometres and boasting nothing but silence, sand, felsic lava, and Ata (the mysterious skeleton that you might want to read up on), it sits to the west of the Andes mountain range, waiting for intrepid travellers like you to breach its bounds.

4. Venice:
As we may all know, Venice is on the verge of disappearance and it should be visited while it still stands. Sinking slowly into the abyss, it is not only artistically phenomenal in terms of architecture but also inspiration-inducing by unseen spirit. Take a gondola and ponder your next Magnum Opus in a city that will soon be swallowed by Gaia (wink)!

3. Tikal:
Sitting deep within the bounds of the Guatemalan rainforest, Tikal is a ruin-field, the shadow of what remains of an ancient Maya city. Worn down by time yet not broken, this fine Mesoamerican relic still stands majestically to remind you of what it once was. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, it is visited by countless tourists and spirit-seekers alike.

2. Easter Island:
It is unquestionable that Easter Island is one of the most interesting and inspiring places in the world. Riddled with its infamous monolith-like statues, the Moai, it stands as a proud bastion, hearkening back to days when humanity was still young. Oh, and did you know that it represents the southernmost point of the Polynesian Triangle?

1. Lake Titicaca:
Considered one of the most sacred places on the face of the Earth, Lake Titicaca sits on the border between Bolivia and Peru magnificently. With a surface elevation of 3,812 metres and more than 40 islets and islands, it is home to its own endeared flora and fauna. Fed by a massive total of 27 rivers and reaching a shore length of 1,125 kilometres, it is definitely going to inspire you more than any of the previous contestants. This is the uncontested winner of today’s article, but this does not mean that sequels shall not follow. Who knows, perhaps one day we’ll create a list comprising of winners (wink)?

Did you enjoy our list? How many of the aforementioned inspirational hotspots have you visited and what artistic impressions have they left you with? Tell us all about it in the comment section below and do not forget to channel what lies within you: a book, a musical masterpiece, a sketch, anything! Be yourself and let the world show you who you are more and more, with each step you take! Safe travels!

Easter Island

Easter Island

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