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Pakistan – Top 5 Mosques

Are you excited to visit the world’s fifth-most populous country? Are you one of those intrepid daredevils who like to bask in the brilliance of places that their friends might have missed? Well, then this is the article for you, for our journey shall take us all over Pakistan. Today, we are going to explore some of the most extraordinary mosques that have ever been erected within the borders of this fine Middle Eastern sovereign state. So, make sure you pack enough water for the heat and let’s get right to it!

1. Faisal Mosque:
Decorating the inner bounds of the Pakistani capital city of Islamabad, Faisal Mosque is such an architectural masterpiece that its mere presence is enough to cause gapes. Inspired by a Bedouin tent and presenting eight sides, it cost more than 120 million dollars and was established in the year 1987. Designed by the master architect Vedat Dalokay and adhering to the imposing standards of the Contemporary Islamic architectural style, it possesses a massive interior extending upon 5,000 square metres. With a total capacity of 300,000, it is a landmark that should not be left out by any traveller within close proximity to the foothills of Margalla Hills.

2. Masjid-e-Tooba:
Moving away from Islamabad all the way to the old capital of the country, Karachi, we find ourselves admiring the grandeur and the beauty of the Masjid-e-Tooba. Known to the locals as Gol Masjid, it was erected in the year 1969 near the Korangi Road. Possessing a dome with a diameter of 72 metres and made entirely of white marble, it is further bolstered in terms of magnificence by its one and only minaret reaching a sky-piercing height of 70 metres. Able to accommodate 30,000 worshippers at any given time (with a central prayer hall alone harbouring 5,000), it is one of the largest single-dome mosques in the entire world.

3. Mahabat Khan Mosque:
The city of Peshawar could not have stayed out of the competition for too long as its Mahabat Khan Mosque is simply unignorable. Hearkening back to the 17th-century Mughal-era, it was completed in the year 1630. With two functional minarets and a massive total of eight decorative ones, it was renovated in 1898. Bearing the name of the Mughal governor of Peshawar, Nawab Mahabat Khan bin Ali Mardan Khan, it currently boasts a grandiosely decorated interior that you should definitely check out!

4. Shah Jahan Mosque:
Sitting deep within the bounds of the Pakistani city of Thatta (Sindh), the Shah Jahan Mosque is definitely worth visiting due to the fact that it has the most intricate and eye-popping displays of tile work in the entirety of South Asia. Consecrated in the year 1647 and finalised in 1659, it possesses an unfathomable total of 93 domes – the most domes on a single structure in Pakistan. Add the fascinating brickwork to the mix and there you have a structure that will mark you for life – especially if you are an architecture-buff (wink)! Oh, and did we tell you that it was largely inspired by Central Asian architecture?

5. Badshahi Mosque:
Happen to be exploring the historic city of Lahore (within the Pakistani province of Punjab)? Alright then, because the Badshahi Mosque is a religious structure that should not remain unvisited. Sitting west of the Lahore Fort, just along the outskirts of the famous Walled City, it adheres to a fine blend between the Indo-Islamic and Mughal architectural styles. Completed in 1673 and boasting a massive capacity of 56,000, it has four major minarets and four minor ones (eight in total). Erected by Nawab Zain Yar Jang Bahadur using mostly red sandstone and marble, it is affiliated with Sunni Islam! Are those cameras ready for some awe-inspiring shots?

Did you enjoy our list? Which of the aforementioned mosques have you visited and what opinions have they generated within you? Tell us all about it in the comment section below and leave nothing out! Oh, and you can always bookmark us and check back from time to time for some exciting new updates and articles! Safe travels, brave trailblazer!

Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque

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