6 Outstanding Canyons Everyone Should Visit

You may have seen all those wonderful movies with canyons in them and where they tend to play a more subtle part: the immovable grandeur of Planet Earth. While these giant serpents (as seen from above) decorate our home, we should not stay idle and miss out on their awe-inspiring nature. This is precisely why we are going to explore six such places that you should not leave out by any means. So, without further ado, let us hop to some of the most outstanding canyons in the world!

1. Waimea Canyon:
You may not have thought that one of the most impressive canyons in the world is located in a place as remote and as surrounded by water as Hawaii. Well, it turns out that Waimea Canyon (also known as “Waimea Canyon State Park” or “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”) is one of the top sights upon the island of Kauai’i. The name can directly be translated as “reddish water” and it is inspired from the erosion of the red soil found within the bounds of the great serpent. Stretching for a staggering 16 kilometres and reaching a maximum depth of 900 metres, it surely is a marvel to behold! Formed by the help of other forces such as extreme rainfall, the canyon is operated by the Department of Land and Natural Resources – Division of State Parks. Definitely a must-see!

2. Avon Gorge:
If you ever find yourself in the United Kingdom, do not refrain from heading over to the close vicinity of Bristol and checking out its famous Avon Gorge. Piercing limestone like a cutlass, it runs from south to north for a total length of but 2.5 kilometres. While this one may seem minuscule when compared to other juggernauts of its kind, it will most certainly draw a few poems out of you when you lay eyes upon it. Oh, and did we tell you that it forms a natural boundary between North Somerset and Bristol?

3. Murchison River Gorge:
Located in Mid West (Western Australia), Murchison River Gorge is one of the most spectacular riverine gorges in the world. Formed by the force of the Murchison River about 13.5 kilometres from Ajana, it runs for about 80 kilometres towards the river-mouth at Kalbarri. While the Murchison River Gorge is a renowned tourist attraction in its entirety, there are two places along its stretch that you should not leave out: the “Z Bend” and “The Loop”.

4. Manawatu Gorge:
New Zealand has so many outstanding sights that it is impossible to narrow our sight down to only a handful. Manawatu Gorge (also known as “Te Apiti”, Māori for “The Narrow Passage”) is most indubitably one of them and it runs for a total length of 6-9 kilometres between the Ranges Ruahine and Tararua (this can be found on the southern side of North Island connecting the Manawatu and Hawke’s Bay regions). Oh, and know that there is a track via which you can traverse the pass and, along its length, you shall find a 6-metre-tall statue of the world-famous Māori chief, Whatonga.

5. Olduvai Gorge:
Have you ever fantasized about visiting Tanzania? Of course you did! Well, we are happy to tell you that the United Republic of Tanzania is rich when it comes to grandiose gorges. Its Olduvai Gorge (also known as “Oldupai Gorge”) is not only a majestic canyon but also one of the most important paleontological sites in the world. In fact, it has been deemed indispensable in further understanding the evolution of mankind. Situated proudly in the eastern Serengeti Plains, within the bounds of the Arusha Region, it runs for about 48 kilometres. What’s interesting about Olduvai Gorge is that Homo Habilis have already occupied the region 1.9 million years ago. Oh, and Homo Sapiens did the same 17,000 years ago (wink).

6. Sumidero Canyon:
Visiting Mexico is a vast and exhilarating experience on its own but when it comes to one of its most awe-inspiring gorges, Sumidero Canyon (also known as “Cañón del Sumidero”) shall not disappoint. Stretching upon an area of 21,789 hectares, it is encircled by a national park a tad north Chiapa de Corzo, within the bounds of the Mexican state of Chiapas. What’s interesting and sad about it is that it is sometimes so polluted that more than 5,000 tons of solid garbage is extracted from it each year. Oh, and did you know that it is approximately as old as the Grand Canyon (they are the perfect twins)?

Did you enjoy our list? Which of the aforementioned canyons have you visited and what experiences can you share with the world? Hit the comment section below and tell us all about it! See you next time!

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