The 6 Most Astounding Beaches of the USA

Whenever you think about the warmer parts of the United States of America, the adamant image of palm-tree-ridden beaches breaches your mind (note the alliteration). Just kidding! Today we are going to explore the most exquisite sunbathing hotspots of the USA. Pack those sunscreens and prepare for some sandy grandeur.

1. Venice Beach:
There are many cities around the world that people have ended up dubbing “The City of Angels”, yet Los Angeles is probably the most famous of them all. Its Venice Beach is but an addition to its already flamboyant image as it receives no less than a few million visitors each year. Dubbed “a cultural hub known for its eccentricities” and a “global tourist destination”, Venice Beach boasts with handball courts, paddle tennis courts and, of course, beach volleyball courts. If all that wasn’t enough to draw you to it, then you should know that there is even a bike trail near Ocean Front Walk. Oh, and let us not forget about the abundance of Zapotec-speaking Mesoamerican natives populating the local stalls.

2. Waikiki Beach:
Yes, we know, Honolulu of Hawaii is genuinely a great place to visit, but let us include its Waikiki Beach in our list for it is simply spectacular. Located within the bounds of the Waikiki District, it is but one of five beaches in the region (the others being Kuhio Beach, Gray’s Beach, Fort DeRussy Beach and Kahanamoku Beach). Besides being one of the softest and sandiest beaches in the world, Waikiki’s finest is riddled with a daydream-inducing amount of palm trees. If that isn’t inviting, then you might not be in a beach-mood (wink).

3. Miami Beach:
This contestant is quite an obvious one for we could not have left it out. Miami is one of the most iconic resort cities in the USA and its beaches boast with the same luxurious and inviting aspects. What’s important to know about the term “Miami Beach” is that it can refer to two things: the man-made resort city that has over 87,000 inhabitants (officially) or any of the beaches pertaining to that area (colloquially). All of the beaches are sandy and the local barrier islands should do nothing less than invite you to bask in their brilliance. Take your time to get to know every nook and cranny of the resort city if you have the time.

4. Moonlight Beach:
Now this might be a contestant that you have never heard of. Moonlight Beach is located within the bounds of the city of Encinitas, California. What’s interesting about it is that it is the most visited beach in Encinitas and that, for this particular reason, it is well-equipped for all forms of recreation (be it for children or for adults). If you visit Moonlight Beach, you will find that it has a very prominent surfing culture, so if you are a surfer, then, by all means, go for it! You will also find that beach-volleyball and beach-fires are common time-killing options there.

5. Fort Lauderdale Beach:
Fort Lauderdale of Florida is another one of those contestants that you might not have expected. Yet when you look at the statistics, you instantly see why it has made it to the top list. To bring its legitimacy into perspective, let us tell you that it has over 11 kilometres of beaches. The Fort Lauderdale Beach is well-equipped for everything that you might long for from recreational facilities to stalls and you can even spot those iconic lifeguard huts. What’s even more inviting about Fort Lauderdale is that it is not that crowded – definitely a good choice if you wish to avoid company to some degree.

6. Santa Monica State Beach:
Yes, the Santa Monica State Beach could not have been cut by any means due to its outstanding beauty and imposing length of 5.6 kilometres. Officially a California State Park, the Santa Monica State Beach is located along Pacific Coast Highway. What’s great about it is that it has bike rental stalls, hotels, restrooms, picnic areas, playgrounds and all the things that you could ever think of. There is no better beach to take your children to in terms of entertainment. Oh, and if you do visit this place, make sure that you check out the world-famous Santa Monica Pier (it is over 100 years old).

Did you enjoy our list?

How many of the aforementioned beaches have you visited? Tell us where you had the best and worst experiences! Every word counts and sharing is caring (wink)!

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