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As you may have noticed by now, Greece is one of the most alluring places that one can visit in the world. With landscapes as beautiful as the movies proclaim and with people as friendly as their bartenders, one should do nothing else but to pack one’s bags. Nea Michaniona, located in the heart of the Macedonia administrative region, is one of the more hidden gems of fair Hellas. The entire region is populated by just under 12,000 people and this makes it an excellent place to travel to if you are trying to get away from the tourist-infested world of the high season. How is this possible? Well, this is a place that is mostly visited by Greeks and thus the atmosphere stays clear of crowds.

Situated within the bounds of the Mediterranean climate zone, Nea Michaniona suffers only mild temperature fluctuations. Summers are warm to hot whilst winters are but cool. This makes it an excellent place to visit all year long but note that most terraces might be closed during winters. Temperatures very rarely drop below 10 degrees Celsius and the summer warmth is just enough to keep you on the beaches. Sunny, clear-aired, and inviting – these are the worlds that describe this hidden Macedonian gem the most.


Nea Michaniona is conveniently located near the city of Thessaloniki and this makes it a bit easier to reach than most remote towns. If you are coming from abroad, you might want to hit the Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia” and plan your trip from there. There are buses from the city that can take you all the way to Nea Michaniona and the trip is also comfortable and sight-rich. Tickets are perfectly affordable since not many tourists go that way anyway (wink).

Getting around in Nea Michaniona is as easy as it can get for distances are short and the walkability is great. Narrow and moody streets, plaza-like promenades, and a green environment – these are all things that you can bet for. Some streets, however, do not have pavements and this can get a little tricky when trying to stay safe. Though the Greeks are known to be volatile drivers, we assure you that traffic is by no means heavy there. Stay on the side of the road if there is no pavement and you should be well. Oh, and let us mention the fact that walking is also eco-friendly (wink).

If you are feeling a little bit hastier, you might want to consider getting yourself a scooter for its use is quite wide-spread in Nea Michaniona. You will see special parking spaces for them here and there and they fit in the narrow streets. Just don’t rent a car or you’ll be facing a real problem when trying to park. The Greeks park everywhere – this is a scientifically proven fact.


Nea Michaniona is one of the best places in Greece where one could go snorkelling. Why? Well, simply because its coastline is varied. From rocks as big as two people to sandy beaches you can find anything there. Jellyfishes can be detected as well if you are not afraid to swim a little bit into the depths. Otherwise, fish from minuscule to large are the top sights along with crabs and sea urchins (you definitely want to keep an eye out for these babies in rocky areas as they hide all around). Octopuses can also be witnessed from time to time but you have to get a little lucky for that.

Visiting a place like Nea Michaniona is not like going to Venice – the place is not chiselled for tourists. For this particular reason, you are more likely to be immersed in the day-to-day lives of the locals there than in Thessaloniki, for example. Therefore, we recommend that you take a slow walk along the seaside promenade as it is an experience that cannot be missed. During summertime, one can even bask in the red sunset from there and the abundance of restaurants that decorate the environment is just an addition to the grandeur. Just imagine yourself munching on a traditional Greek Souvlaki while the lurid sky explodes to your side. Breath-taking, that is the least that we can say.

If you are one of the more adventurous ones, you might want to head to the piers and ask a few locals about where you could hire someone to take you on a boat-ride. This will always be cheaper than trying to find services of the same sort. The bay that encircles Nea Michaniona is quite a sight to behold and the elevated and balustraded promenade sticks out like a fortress. The main thing that you should be on the lookout for in the town is relaxation – after all, it is a place where even the locals are more than laid back.


Nea Michaniona is a brilliant place to visit if you are up for a little silence and cheap restaurants. Even though you are not going to run into souvenir shops around every corner, it is more than worthy of your time. Oh, and did we mention that housing is cheap (wink)?



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