Top 10 Largest Pools in the World

Ever wondered whether there were pools that reflected the grandeur of the sea? Yes, we are talking about size! Well, today we are going to look at the world’s largest swimming pools and, to spoil it a bit, the list is going to contain quite a few records. So, without further ado, let’s show off our summer bodies together!

10. Laguna Vista:
Chile decided that it was time to show off its sumptuousness and it does so via its Laguna Vista pool. Squeezed between several tall buildings that give the impression that the pool is a river opening into a fjord, it is one of the finest attractions of Algarrobo. Occupying an area of 0.68 hectares, it utilises sea water. So, the beach-pool dichotomy begins to show off its polar nature as we tread deeper into the competition.

9. Hayman Island Resort:
From Chile, we are going to reach across the globe and descend upon Australia, specifically Hayman Island. Squeezed between a multitude of scenic palm trees, it stretches upon an area of 0.72 hectares. Opened in 1985, the pool and its surrounding luxury area have recently been renovated specifically for your comfort.

8. Piscine Alfred Nakache:
France could not have stayed out of the competition for long with a juggernaut like the Piscine Alfred Nakache. Occupying 0.75 hectares of land, it is located deep within the heart of Toulouse. Opened in 1931, it is one of the oldest pools on our list. With its simple rectangular shape, it is sure to please those who long for grandeur but not architectural intricacies.

7. Seagaia Ocean Dome:
Japan breaches the bounds of the competition with its majestic Polynesia-themed Seagaia Ocean Dome. The dome under which it rests measures 300 metres in length and around 100 metres in width whilst the pool itself occupies an area of 0.8 hectares. Opened in 1993, it utilises sea water to produce an as authentic Polynesian theme as possible. Located in the heart of the city of Miyazaki, it is officially the largest indoor pool in the world.

6. Dreamworld Fun Lagoon:
It’s been relatively long since we last visited Pakistan. Well, its Karachi-based Dreamworld Fun Lagoon is a worthy addition to this top list for it occupies 0.9 hectares of land. This is the world’s largest swimming pool that doesn’t contain sea water – it was filled using well water (see how several world records tend to show up here). Opened in 2008, it is a popular choice by locals and visitors alike.

5. Laguna Bahia:
We are going to put this out there right away: Chile is the country taking most positions of this competition. Its Algarrobo-based Laguna Bahia is the first one of this top list to reach over the barrier of 1 hectare. Occupying 1.4, it utilises sea water to fill itself. Its adjacent palm trees and the pristine blue water do nothing but draw you in.

4. Las Brisas:
Directly translated as “Winds” or “Breezes”, Chile’s Las Brisas leaps over the next threshold and occupies an area of 2 hectares. Filled with sea water also, it is one of the prime attractions of the city of Santo Domingo. Another spoiler: this is the only Chilean pool that we included that is not located in Algarrobo. Just don’t swim through it all at once (wink)!

3. Mahasamutr:
Besides its quality restaurants and tropical climate, Thailand is also visited for its renowned Mahasamutr. Located in Hua Hin and stretching upon a massive area of 7.2 hectares, the pool is another sea water utilizer. What’s interesting about this one is that it offers an artificial beach to emulate the sea. Oh, and let us not forget about the local overpopulation of palm trees (a frequently-recurring theme of this article)!

2. San Alfonso del Mar:
This is the last entry of Chile and, to be fair, this was the largest swimming pool in the world until 2015, when our next contestant outran and outgunned it. Stretching upon an area of 8 hectares and filled with sea water, the San Alfonso del Mar is the pride and prime attraction of Algarrobo. It has managed to keep the title of largest pool for 9 years since its inauguration in 2006 and it is so large that it can even be sailed upon

1. CityStars:
And we have finally arrived at the juggernaut of man-made bodies of water: the CityStars pool complex. Located deep within the heart of the Saudi Arabian desert, in the city of Sharm-el-Sheikh, the pool occupies an insurmountable area of 12 hectares. What’s interesting about it besides using sea water is the fact that it is but the first pool of the 12 ones that are planned. Opened in 2015, it is the uncontested champion of today’s top list.

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