Top 5 Hottest Places in the World

There are all kinds of people around the world but when it comes to temperatures, the spectrum is often as wide as it can possibly be. Some people enjoy melting heat, others freezing cold, and then there are the 25-degrees-Celsius people who just can’t decide (wink). So, before you start going into deep self-scrutiny, let us examine the boiling end of the temperature spectrum together! Here are 5 of the hottest places in the world (note, though that these contestants will not be ranked as some are hotter when it comes to averages and others are like that when considering extremes – in this list, we look at both)!

1. Mitribah:
If we are going to explore some natural extremes, we might as well kick the list off with the place where the highest temperature ever was recorded. It is important to know that these kinds of measurements are taken 1.5 metres above ground and shielded from sunlight. Yes, this means that whatever extremes we may be looking at, they are far more extreme (if we may call it that) under the sun. And this is how Mitribah, a weather station in north-western Kuwait took the first prize with its 54 degrees Celsius on 21 July 2016. If you are up for some sizzling, this would be the place to go to.

2. Death Valley:
Oh, yes, we have all heard about how hot California’s Death Valley is. During high summer, it is considered one of the hottest places in the world along with the deserts of the Middle East and of Africa – and if we come to think of it, that really is saying something. Furnace Creek Ranch is the most notorious for its extreme heat, previously holding the record with a posited 56.7 degrees Celsius. This claim, however, has been decertified by specialists and deemed a measurement error. Yes, you can give or take a few numbers, but that will not make Death Valley any less hot. Oh, and let us not forget about the fact that this is the place where the hottest ground temperature was ever recorded: 93.9 degrees Celsius. Want to scramble some eggs on a rock? They’ll be done before you blink (wink)!

3. Dallol:
Located in Ethiopia and surrounded by hot (boiling, actually) springs, Dallol is a place that you should only visit if you are ready for some scorching. Holding the official record for the record high average temperature for an inhabited location on Earth, it boasts with an annual average of 35 degrees Celsius. That is almost unbelievable in terms of means (just consider the 10 degrees Celsius average that you experience if you are living in a temperate area)! During a casual day, temperatures generally reach 41 degrees Celsius in Dallol, so do lug a lot of water around!

4. ‘Aziziya:
This is one of those places on Planet Earth that you might want to stay away from if you know yourself to be a heat non-resistant. Why? Well simply because this small Libyan town used to hold the record for the highest temperature ever recorded in history: 57.8 degrees Celsius. Of course, after 90 years of record-holding, ‘Aziziya’s pride was decertified. Even though the record is currently being disputed, it sure is a hefty contestant. Intrepid travellers rejoice (water, of course, is recommended).

5. Dasht-e Lut:
It would have been inappropriate to end this sizzling list without mentioning Iran’s Dasht-e Lut salt desert. With surface-temperatures reaching 70 degrees Celsius, this is another fine place where you could theoretically cook your meals (wink). Since the lack of vegetation inadvertently translates itself into a lack of shade, heat-seekers are advised to travel with white (and even wet if possible) hats. So, are you a desert-hunter or not, dear traveller?

Did you enjoy our list? Which of the aforementioned boiling points have you visited? Hit the comment section below and tell us all about your experiences and impressions! Safe melting… we mean travels (triple wink)!

Dasht-e Lut

Dasht-e Lut

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