4 Aqua Parks Everyone Should Visit

Are you ready to pack your swimsuits again? We sure are! Let’s look at some of the world’s most adrenaline-inducing aqua parks and decide which ones are the best for us. Hell, if you like them all, why not bounce from one to another (wink)?

1. Siam Park:
Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) is home to innumerable sources of fun and its Siam Park is one of them. Stretching upon an area of 18.5 hectares, it claims to be the most outstanding water attraction of Europe. Considering its Siamese (Thai) themes, it cannot fall short of anything exotic. In fact, it was opened by Her Royal Highness the Princess of Thailand Maha Chakri Sirindhorn herself. Formidable rides include: The Dragon (a light-show-adorned ProSlide Tornado with a width of 20 meters), the Naga Racer (a racer slide with six distinct lanes – unparalleled if you are travelling with your friends), the Lost City (a playground area for children with over 120 games), the Tower of Power (not for the faint hearted – a transparent slide that sends you through an area riddled with sharks and stingrays), the Mai Thai River (the world’s longest lazy river) and many more. Oh, and let us not forget about the fact that Siam Park has the world’s largest dragon statue.

2. Beijing National Aquatics Center:
Also known as Watercube Waterpark, the Beijing National Aquatics Center is probably one of the most endeared tourist attractions of its parent country. With a capacity to harbour 17,000 visitors, it was originally but a sports facility. Later, it got turned into a water park and opened to the public. Filled with artificial bubbles and aquatic ornaments, the establishment has everything from a Tornado slide to the renowned Aqualoop. Oh, and if you are the type who likes to enjoy a fine day of relaxation, you can opt for the spa section as well.

3. Aquatica:
Although the aforementioned name is shared by more than one aqua park, the one located in Orlando, Florida (USA), is the one that is most worthy of your attention (although we recommend that you visit the ones in San Antonio and Chula Vista as well). The Orlando park is themed after the South Pacific and it features Australian and New Zealand mascots. Renowned rides include: the Dolphin Plunge (a tube that takes you through an enclosed space containing Commerson’s dolphins), Ihu’s Breakaway Falls (a slide that resembles a drop pod), the Taumata Racer (a massive 8-lane racer slide – it has both open and enclosed sections), the Omaka Rocka (the latest instalment – rafts that carry you into a tornado-like slide), the Walhalla Wave (a family ride), Roa’s Rapids (a faster and more aggressive version of a lazy river), Cutback Cove (a wave pool – a bit tougher than conventional ones), Big Surf Shores (a calmer wave pool), and Kata’s Kookaburra Cove (a slide system for children). Oh, and let us not forget about the man-made white sand beach specifically designed for your comfort and immersion.

4. Topical Islands Resort:
Well, we have to be honest here – this isn’t only an aqua park. Germany’s Tropical Islands Resort is located but 50 kilometres south of the capital of Berlin and it attracts over a million visitors each year. You can access it directly from the A13 motorway or go by train and get off at the Brand station. Built in a former airship hangar named Aerium (the largest free-standing hall in the world), the Tropical Island Resort boasts with a general temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. The theme park has several areas that hearken to the tropical climate zone and its cultures such as the Tropical Village (with traditional building copies from Thailand, Samoa, Bali and Borneo), the Rainforest (almost like a tropical botanic garden with over 50,000 plants distributed into 600 species), the Bali Lagoon (a place where you cannot drown for the water is less than 1 metre deep) and, finally, the Tropical Sea (a giant ocean-themed pool spreading on an area of 4,400 square metres – it includes a sandy beach as well). Definitely a must-experience, if you are in love with the warmer corners of the globe but living in colder environments.

Did you enjoy our list?

How many of the aforementioned aqua parks have you visited personally? Be sure to check back later for some more updates! Safe travels!

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