Visit Dubai – The Oasis of Luxury

If we consider how fast Dubai was erected, we can only nod in appreciation of those who had been in charge of its planning. A city that is still growing with vehement speed, Dubai is one of the most renowned metropolises in the world when it comes to luxury, business, trade and multiculturalism.

First planned to put the Middle East back onto the world map in terms of business, Dubai has proven to be much more than that. With its insurmountable wealth and prosperity, the city has become a tourist hotspot in the recent years.

From sports to fine hotels, from night clubs to pristine beaches, Dubai can offer you anything… if you can afford it. This is the only catch if you wish to take a trip there. Dubai is a wealthy city and it is begs to be regarded as such. Prices are high but the service that you get is also something that you are sure to remember for the rest of your life. One cannot visit the Emirates without proper coin in one’s pocket. Before going there, one should always have clear intentions – blow money for a godly experience.

Located on the Northern coastline of the Emirates, Dubai has a hot desert climate. This means that summers are extremely hot with highs well over 40 degrees Celsius and winters warm with temperatures in the twenties. This is why Dubai is visited all year long, because it scarcely shows signs of unfavourable weather (if you tolerate the heat, of course). Days are usually sunny with little precipitation. Occasional sandstorms do hit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) but they are hardly a problem.


The Burj Khalifa has to be one of Dubai’s most iconic symbols. With a height of almost 830 metres, it sure is to impress those who like grand structures. Even basking in its cool shadow faces man with how small he is compared to his achievements. There are levels that allow people to see in all directions and behold the local area from an eagle’s perspective. Do not miss this experience by any means.

Another formidable sight is the Jumeirah Mosque, a gorgeous example of Islamic architecture. Before you enter, however, do remember that the usual rules for mosques apply. Shoes must be taken off before entering, mobile phones should be shut off in all cases, no entrance during prayer time and no eating. These basic rules of etiquette should always be considered, especially in a place that begs for respect in general. Dubai is a city to be revered and so are its marvels.

The coral-and-gypsum-built Bastakia Mosque should be visited next, if you wish to further delve into local Arabic culture. It is highly pleasing to the eye due to its use of light wall-colours. The intricate interior design and the careful attention to detail are qualities that are rarely matched to the same degree by other mosques.

Now what would a trip to Dubai be without a visit to the Dubai Aquarium? With its abundance of sea-life, the establishment boasts with being able to provide tourists with one of the most eye-popping experiences of all time. Be sure you check out those special boats that have transparent (glass) bottoms. They are sure to leave you with a slack jaw.

Before we delve deeper into the local culture, let us make one final recommendation. Do visit the Dubai Mall! If you haven’t seen luxury until that day, you will surely be awestruck.


1. Do not drink in public. Such transgression is punishable by severe fines or even prison.

2. If you are a woman, do not wear short skirts or expressive clothing. The UAE is specifically sensitive about this matter and you might find yourself frowned upon. It is good not to tempt the local police into fining you.

3. Do not hold hands or show affection in any way in public. Even things as mundane as a simple embrace or kiss can send you straight to prison.

4. Directly linked to this is the following: do not get caught having sex if you are not legally married to your partner. This is a serious crime and it will surely land you in prison.

5. Smoking in malls or public places can get you an instant fine. Make sure you check where smoking is allowed and proceed accordingly.

6. Cursing is not a good idea if you are visiting the UAE. There is little to zero tolerance to swearing and fines might just fly your way as a direct result.

7. It is illegal in the UAE to bother women in even the slightest ways. Long stares or verbal harassment can land you in jail in no time.

8. In spite of the information age that we share in today, unwanted photos are frowned upon by locals in Dubai. Do not photograph people without their permission.

9. Although it is not a problem in the western world, homosexuality is a serious crime in the UAE. Being visibly homosexual in Dubai is severely punishable.

10. It is illegal to eat, smoke or drink in front of locals during Ramadan. Note that this is only applicable during the day.


Dubai is an excellent place to go to if you are aware of its laws and system. It is not inhospitable by any means, it just begs for the respect that it deserves. Make sure you keep in mind what you have read here and also, to do further research. Being well-informed can get you a long way in the UAE. When you get through this seemingly rough process of understanding the locals, you are bound to have an excellent time there, we promise you that! May your trip to the most luxurious oasis in the world be an unforgettable one!

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