Top 10 Countries by Forest Area

Have you ever wondered which countries in the world are the most forested (since the total area covered in forests around the world takes up around 39,000,000 square kilometres – 26.19% of the total land area of the Earth)? Well, we’ve got you covered, for today, we are going to see which ones are the most adamant adherents to eco-friendliness on Planet Earth. Of course, this will often be directly proportional to the size of the country in question but the list is still going to have several nice surprises for you. So, without further ado, let us leap to the countdown!

10. India:
You may have seen all those stunning movies reflecting the natural grandeur of India. Well, it turns out that it really is quite a forested country. In fact exactly 24.68% of its total surface area is covered in lush woods. This would translate into a staggering 778,424 square kilometres. Definitely a strong start!

9. Indonesia:
Guess what? Indonesia’s total surface area is 1,904,569 square kilometres and 46.46% of it is completely forested. What this means is that around 884,950 square kilometres of woods are available for you to explore. That, of course, means a great deal of tropical jungles (wink)!

8. Argentina:
Argentina breaches the bounds of the competition with its 945,336 square kilometres of green woods. While it encompasses but 34% of its total surface area, it is not to be overlooked in terms of size and grandeur. If you’ve been to Argentine, you know just how great its natural environments can be.

7. Australia:
You can say whatever you want about Australia but its natural wonders are probably the most enticing. With a total forested area of 1,470,832 square kilometres encompassing 19.9% of its total extent, you might think twice before getting lost there. Just kidding! As long as you know what you are doing the forests and the outback are wonderful.

6. Democratic Republic of the Congo:
Congo is one of those remote places that few tourists or travellers visit but once you get to know it, you are bound to fall in love with it. With 1,819,326 square kilometres of lush woods encompassing exactly 50% of the total surface area of the country, it is a proud bastion of the “untouched”.

5. China:
There is no doubt about the fact that China makes it on most of the top lists in the world but when you compare its massive size to its forested area, you are going to be awestruck by how natural it still is. Boasting with 2,083,210 square kilometres of forests forming 21.83% of its total area, China takes the fifth place proudly.

4. United States of America:
The USA is an enormous country by all standards and it is fairly populated as well. Yet, in spite of this, it harbours 3,100,950 square kilometres of forested area, representing 33.84% of its total expanse. That is really impressive and you can be sure that once you get out of the major cities, the air clears up in the blink of an eye (wink).

3. Brazil:
We think you might have guessed that Brazil was going to be on the latter half of the list due to its massive rainforests. Even though it is subjected to an unrelenting deforestation effort, it still retains 4,776,980 square kilometres of wild woods. This makes up exactly 56.10% of its total expanse and it is still holding on steadfastly!

2. Canada:
Holding to its own, Canada retains 4,916,438 square kilometres of forested area making up 49.29% of its total surface area. When you look at the numbers, you might even begin to believe in the Sasquatch (plenty of space to hide, you know). Jokes aside, it is great to hear that the planet is still a green paradise!

1. Russia:
Well, Russia likes it big and Russia likes it strong. Massively outrunning and outgunning all previous contestants, it harbours 8,149,300 square kilometres of forests making up 49.40% of its total expanse. If you think that the Siberian woods are a joke, watch the film “The Way Back”. Russia, thus is the grand winner of today’s competition and if you are looking for some chillingly-clear air, just visit it (wink)!

Did you enjoy our list? What was the most forested country that you had visited? Hit the comment section below and share your stories with the world! Oh, and be sure to check back periodically for exciting updates! Safe travels!

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