Content Guidlines

Users of are allowed to share content, photos, direct messages, events, comments, tips, and other materials on the site. However, there are several rules to abide by when navigating through the content of the site. Please read the following guidelines and keep them close at heart at all times.

  • No promotional content may be shared anywhere on except when using the “ADD YOUR BUSINESS” function. The exact content sharable for each package (Contributor/Green/Blue) can be found on the “ADD YOUR BUSINESS” page.
  • All users must refrain from writing reviews of their own businesses or those of friends, family members, and/or people with whom they are in a business relationship. The review section of all listings should remain objective and completely bereft of bias. Remember that your experiences are the ones that count the most – that is what people want to know. Stay accurate and on-point! Also, never forget that you can always go back and edit your texts – if things change, people will want to know.
  • Inappropriate language, materials, photos, harassment, hate speech, and other such aspects of communication are forbidden on
  • Disrespecting the privacy of other people on is strictly forbidden. No photos (close-up or otherwise), phone numbers, or addresses of other people may be publicised here.
  • Don’t break the intellectual property rights of other web sites or people on Whatever you write and post should be your own (reviews, photos, comments).
  • Demanding payment from users and/or staff in any way and financial blackmailing are strictly forbidden on
  • Stay on the positive side of things and remain helpful. Countless people have questions and the best way to remedy their plight is to aid them. Users are advised to lend a helping hand whenever they can to fellow users as that is how a prosperous community is built.
  • Users should always be clear and as on point as possible. The community can only get to the bottom of a problem if it is clearly expressed, without extra layers and/or poetic descriptions.
  • If users have questions or situations to settle with the staff, they will contact them directly via The comment sections are for discussions and opinions only; other subjects will be dealt with in private.