Top 5 Coldest Places in the World

As we have already discussed some of the hottest places around the world, the time has come for us to look at the other end of the heat-spectrum. Yes, today we are going to explore the coldest places that one can visit around the globe. While we do not encourage you to brave blizzards if you do not know what you’re doing, there are quite a few intrepid travellers out there who might want to take on the challenge. So, without further ado, let us see what Planet Earth has to offer in terms of chills (wink)!

1. Barrow:
Situated near Point Barrow, the northernmost point of the United States of America, the Alaskan town Barrow (known officially as Utqiaġvik) is one of the chilliest places that any traveller could experience. If the notion of the Arctic Circle isn’t intimidating to you (yes, it is above it), then you might want to know that Barrow is characterised by a polar climate. With cold and dry weather all year long, it has a minimum temperature ever recorded of -56 degrees Celsius. Summers do tend to be a bit milder in the sense that temperatures can climb above the 0 degrees mark, but that by no means that Barrow isn’t going to freeze your socks on your feet (wink)! Warm tea and an Inuit hand-dictionary are more than recommended!

2. Oymyakon:
If you are into Siberian (Russian Federation) rural areas that are obviously quite cold in nature, then Oymyakon is just the right place for you to visit. Though extremely remote and the infrastructure there is not the most developed, it may be something alluring for intrepid travellers. The lowest temperature ever recorded there was -67.7 degrees Celsius but summers can get a bit milder. During high summer, a daily mean of around 14 degrees Celsius can occasionally be seen, so if you are only interested in the local environment, then perhaps July is the best month to travel to this subarctic hidden jewel.

3. Vostok Station:
This is one of those places in the world that is more often than not unvisitable. Well, let’s put it roughly: Vostok Station is a Russian research station located on the continent of Antarctica. While certain cruises and flights might take you to the continent itself, entry to Vostok Station is near-impossible due to the fact that it only has population of between 13 and 25 people depending on the season (and this constantly changes) and it usually doesn’t admit newcomers. Flights to Antarctica occur around once every three months, so your chances of getting there are limited (and astronomical in prices). If you are interested in the aforementioned cruises, you might want to look for some in Patagonia. And even then, you have only arrived to Antarctica and not Vostok Station. If you are one of the few lucky people who manage to make it to Vostok Station (this mostly happens if you apply for work there and they accept you), then know that it is the place where the lowest temperature on Planet Earth was ever recorded: -89.2 degrees Celsius. Hot tea anyone? No, make that Vodka (cheerful Russian wink)!

4. Yellowknife:
We could not have written this list without mentioning the champion of Canada, Yellowknife, when it comes to cold weather. The lowest temperature ever recorded there was -51.2 degrees Celsius with a wind chill of -64. Characterised by a subarctic climate and populated by only 19,000 people, it is located only 400 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle. Want to drink a Yellowknifer girl under the table? Let’s just say that only Siberians may compete (wink)!

5. Yakutsk:
Situated only 450 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle, Yakutsk of Russia is definitely a place where your drink may freeze in your hands. With a lowest temperature ever recorded of 64.4 degrees Celsius, it has an astounding population of around 270,000 people. This confirms the following theory: it doesn’t matter how cold it gets, it only becomes a more alluring challenge for the Russians – they can live anywhere. So, what about drinking a Russian girl under the table? No chance, dear aspirant… no chance (triple wink)!

Did you enjoy our list? Which of these freezing places have you visited and what lasting impressions have they left you with? Hit the comment section below and tell us all about it! Safe travels and see you on our next adventure!

Vostok Station

Vostok Station

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