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Top 3 St Olave Churches in Britain

St Olave's

Up for a trip to the United Kingdom? Alright then, because today, we are going to explore the country for some of its finest pieces of architecture. More specifically, its religious structures dedicated to St Olave. If we come to think of it, there is no doubt about the fact that it is the best… Read more »

Top 4 St Michael Churches of London

St Michael Camden Town

As you may have already intuited, London is one of the best places in the world to visit when it comes to architectural diversity. “Why?” you might ask. Well, first of all, because it is an old city and secondly, because it had masters like Sir Christopher Wren or Nicholas Hawksmoor decorate its inner bounds…. Read more »

Top 4 St Mary Churches of London

St Mary Somerset

There are countless jaw-dropping sights within the majestic capital of the United Kingdom but its churches are most indubitably parts of its “crown jewels”. Scattered throughout the city, they represent a beacon of hope and of faith to those who seek them. But it doesn’t stop here, for these churches are also architectural masterpieces that… Read more »

Top 4 Houses of Historical Figures in London

Queen's House

And just when you thought that you knew everything about the majestic capital of the United Kingdom, you realise just how much you haven’t seen yet. Besides the jaw-dropping churches of Sir Christopher Wren, the great Piccadilly Square, the National Gallery, etc., there are also countless dwellings there that have once pertained to renowned historical… Read more »

Top 3 St Botolph Churches in London

St Botolph's Aldgate

Though London may be rainy and often quite gloomy, it does not mean that it is bereft of brilliant sights. Its churches, for example, are as extraordinary as they can get. If we think about Sir Christopher Wren, who was single-handedly responsible for a total of 51 churches after the Great Fire of London of… Read more »

Top 5 Beaches of Britain

Visiting the land of the ancient Celts can be quite an exhilarating experience in and of itself but there is more to it than its historic sights. Basking mostly in a temperate oceanic climate, Great Britain has quite a few warm months as well – these, of course, adhere to the standards of Northern Hemisphere… Read more »

Top 4 Bridges of London

Tower Bridge

While Westminster Abbey and the National Gallery are excellent sights to check out and to spend time at, London has far more for you than what you might think. What we are talking about here is that even its bridges are varied and awe-inspiring experiences. Walking across each and every one of them might be… Read more »