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Visit the Gyimes Valley – The Land of the “Csángó”

Situated at the easternmost part of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, Romania, the Gyimes/Ghimes Valley consists of a 25km-long string of mountain villages stretching along the border between the two historical regions of Moldva (not to be confused with the country Moldova) and Transylvania characterised by steep hillsides, lush meadows, never-ending fields of wildflowers and… Read more »

The Top Natural Attractions in Szeklerland

Szent Anna tó / St Anne Lake / Lacul Sfanta Ana

This beautiful fairy-tale land called Szeklerland, situated at the eastern part of Transylvania, once part of the Kingdom of Hungary and bordered by the magnificent Carpathian Mountains, is a region of harsh, imposing mountains, lush green pastures, tender fields of wildflowers, thick pine forests and wonderful mountain lakes; a land of breath-taking scenery, lovely villages,… Read more »

The Saxon (German) Cities of Southern Transylvania

The Saxon (German) Cities of Southern Transylvania  The “Saxon region” is one of the most romantic parts in Transylvania. Its significant Saxon (German) heritage is obvious and home to hundreds of well-preserved Saxon cities and villages. The German community with its strong, rich and distinctive culture left its mark deep in the magnificent ancient cities… Read more »

Visit Kolozsvár/Klausenburg/Cluj Napoca in the heart of Transylvania

Kolozsvár – often called the “”Kincses Város” (Treasure City) – is a magnificent historic city and the unofficial capital of Transylvania. Before the Trianon Treaty in 1920, when it became part of Romania together with the historic region of Transylvania, it was one of the most important cultural and economic centres of the Kingdom of… Read more »