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Top 4 Churches of Sibiu

No matter where you might tread in Romania, you cannot omit visiting the city of Sibiu (also known as Nagyszeben) located in the Transylvania administrative region. Built and maintained largely by the Transylvanian Saxon community, its narrow streets, moody buildings and exquisite parks are unrivalled. You might even catch street bazaars here and there or… Read more »

Visit Iași – The City of Great Ideas

If you wish to explore the most important city of Eastern Romania, then you are in the right place for today we are going to talk about Iași. Dubbed the City of Great Ideas due to its constant evolution and its historical (and cultural) significance and situated proudly upon the Bahlui River (a tributary of… Read more »

Visit Cluj-Napoca – The Heart of Transylvania (Part II)

Visit Cluj-Napoca

Visit Cluj-Napoca This is not the first time that we visit Cluj-Napoca, one of the most prominent and iconic cities of Transylvania (Romania). Before pressing on, please read the previous article pertaining to the city: “Visit Kolozsvár/Klausenburg/Cluj Napoca in the Heart of Transylvania”. Now, since we have already discussed many aspects pertaining to the cultural… Read more »

Visit Bucharest – The Little Paris

With a metropolitan population of over 2.2 million, Bucharest is both the largest city and the capital of Romania. Since Romania’s population is around 19.5 million, we can safely say that the capital houses more than 10% of the inhabitants of the country. It is also the main financial, industrial and social centre of its… Read more »

Visit Sibiu – The Echo of the Saxons

With a population of nearly 150.000, Sibiu is the capital of Sibiu County. Its location in the southern part of Transylvania, Romania, makes the city one of the most idyllic places to live in. This is not only due to its lush and vibrant natural surroundings but also to its calm, prosperous and moody atmosphere…. Read more »

Visit the Gyimes Valley – The Land of the “Csángó”

Situated at the easternmost part of the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, Romania, the Gyimes/Ghimes Valley consists of a 25km-long string of mountain villages stretching along the border between the two historical regions of Moldva (not to be confused with the country Moldova) and Transylvania characterised by steep hillsides, lush meadows, never-ending fields of wildflowers and… Read more »

The Top Natural Attractions in Szeklerland

Szent Anna tó / St Anne Lake / Lacul Sfanta Ana

This beautiful fairy-tale land called Szeklerland, situated at the eastern part of Transylvania, once part of the Kingdom of Hungary and bordered by the magnificent Carpathian Mountains, is a region of harsh, imposing mountains, lush green pastures, tender fields of wildflowers, thick pine forests and wonderful mountain lakes; a land of breath-taking scenery, lovely villages,… Read more »