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Top 4 Beaches of Italy

Amalfi Coast

Florence, Venice, Naples – all extraordinary places to visit within the bounds of Italy but while you’re there, you should not forget that you are in fact visiting a Mediterranean country. And what does that mean in terms of tourist-attractions? Well, awe-inspiring beaches and coastlines, of course! From azure waters to a mild climate zone,… Read more »

Visit Pisa – The Legacy of Fibonacci

Yes, everyone has probably heard of Leonardo Bonacci (also known as Fibonacci), the man who discovered the finite mathematical interpretation of the infinite Golden Mean. Regarded a sage by many scholars, Fibonacci, conveniently for us, was born in the very city that we are going to talk about today: Pisa. With a metropolitan population of… Read more »

Visit Naples – The Legacy of Parthenope

Naples is one of the most iconic cities of Italy: narrow streets, beautiful hilly vistas and, above all, talkative people. With a metropolitan population of nearly 4 million people, Naples is one of the largest cities on the Mediterranean. Founded in the second millennium BC, the settlement was prominent throughout the Bronze Age. In the… Read more »

Visit Milan – The Fashion Capital of the World

In addition to being an alpha world city, Milan is also one of the most renowned political, financial, cultural, and entertainment centres in the world. With a metropolitan population of over 5.2 million, it is the capital of the Lombardy region and also the second most populous city in Italy. When looking at GDP, Milan… Read more »

Visit Venice – The Floating City

Yes, we are talking about a floating city and no, we are not talking about Jonathan Swift’s Laputa (wink). Our star-subject for today is Venice, a city at least as famous as Rome and as beautiful as Florence. With a metropolitan population of 2.6 million (Padua-Treviso-Venice area), Venice is the capital of Italy’s Veneto region…. Read more »

Visit Rimini – Coastal Ecstasy

With a metropolitan population of 225.000, Rimini is a relatively small city in the northern Province of Rimini (Italy). Located in the Emilia-Romagna region, Rimini occupies the space between the rivers Marecchia (the modern name of Ariminus) and Ausa (ancient Aprusa). Boasting with a 15-kilometre-long sandy beach, the city is one of the most prominent… Read more »

Visit Rome – The Eternal City

We have all heard the axiom “All roads lead to Rome” but can we truly grasp its clandestine meaning? Can we truly put into words what this city has managed to achieve? Let us find out together! With a metropolitan population of 4.3 million, Rome is both the largest city and the capital of Italy… Read more »

Visit Florence – The Crucible of Art

There are few other places like Florence on planet Earth that can boast with such an abundant history of art and of culture. Many great people set foot there from Dante Alighieri to polymath Leonardo da Vinci. Florence is most undoubtedly tinged by its Renaissance roots more than any other city and it is a… Read more »

Day trips around the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

Apart from Capri, there are several other fascinating places around the Amalfi Coast which, if time is on your side, are highly worth visiting as well; including the serene city of Sorrento, situated only an hour south of Naples, Mount Vesuvius and the ancient Roman sites it made famous – Pompeii and Herculaneum, even more… Read more »

Visit the Iconic Island of Capri

Island of Capri

Glamorous and bustling Capri & wild and peaceful Anacapri    An easy day trip from the Amalfi Coast, the island of Capri, featured in many movies and books, can easily be reached directly by boat from the coast. It has two faces: During the day, it’s very touristy ruled by the crowds of day-trippers, but once the… Read more »