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Top 3 Historical Sights of Budapest

Buda Castle

If you like to travel the world, then there will come a time in your “career” when you’ll long to visit Budapest, the scintillating capital city of Hungary. Situated in Central Europe, Hungary is one of the most historically-rich countries in the world as countless cultures and sovereign states have interacted or clashed upon its… Read more »

Top 5 Bridges of Budapest

Chain Bridge

Prior to visiting Hungary, you might have heard a thing or two about the undeniable beauty of the bridges of its capital city, Budapest. Reaching back into history in an elegant fashion, these majestic structures reach across the Danube and connect the Buda section of the city to the Pest section. So which are the… Read more »

Choose the Főnix Medical Center

Are you living in Budapest or only visiting and in need of instantaneous or prolonged medical assistance? Well, the Főnix Medical Center has got you covered! A reliable shoulder to lean on since 1990, the private health care centre upholds a broad service portfolio. Thus, with over twenty-five years of experience, the Főnix Medical Center… Read more »

Visit Székesfehérvár – The Hungarian Crowning City

With a population of nearly 100.000, Székesfehérvár is one of the most renowned cities of Hungary. Also called “Fehérvár” by the locals, the city used to be the capital of Hungary back in the Middle Ages. Since the transference of power to Budapest, the city has remained the regional capital and administrative centre of Central… Read more »

Visit Szeged – The City of Sunshine

The third most populous city in Hungary and the main city of southern Hungary, Szeged is set in beautiful natural surroundings by the Tisza River. This city of rich history and culture has been inhabited since ancient times and played important roles during Hungary’s long and eventful history. Szeged was home to a great number… Read more »

Cycling tour around Lake Fertő (Neusiedl)

Fertő-Hanság Nemzeti Park

The third largest lake in Central Europe, Lake Fertő is a salt lake embraced by a range of hills on the west, straddling the Hungarian-Austrian border with third-quarter of its territory belonging to Austria and the rest to Hungary. The lake is very shallow, with an average water level of 50-60cm and 180cm at the… Read more »

Visit Sopron

The Town of Loyalty and Freedom The most beautiful city in western Hungary, situated at the foot of the Alps, Sopron is one of the oldest gems in the country with its medieval city centre and cobbled streets that are a pleasure to wander. It’s called the “Town of Loyalty” because after the Trianon Treaty… Read more »

Day Trips and Weekend Breaks near Eger – Part 1

The Bükk National Park                               The Bükk National Park, situated in the Northern Mountains, is an absolute gem, the largest national park in Hungary. Mountainous and forested with occasional meadows interrupting the landscape, 97% of its area is covered with woods which attract great amounts of flora and fauna and due to its protected status,… Read more »

Visit Eger – the Baroque Pearl of North-East Hungary

Eger, situated in North-East Hungary, at the Bükk National Park, nestled between the Bükk and Mátra Mountains, is the most outstanding touristic centre in the region, steeped in history and culture. The city boasts a 1000-year-old history and its name still remains synonymous with heroism and patriotism today; since in 1552, the Eger Castle was… Read more »