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Visit Tirana – The Near-Centenarian Capital

Tirana boasts with being the only city in Albania to house more than 500.000 inhabitants. With a metropolitan population of over 800.000, it is both the capital and the most populous city of Albania. It is the most important social, political, economic and cultural centre of its parent country but it has not always been… Read more »

The Accursed Mountains – The Ultimate Albanian Mountain Experience

Trekking Adventure in the dramatic Albanian Alps This region of the Albanian Alps, called the Accursed Mountains is situated on the northern part of Albania and is also called the Malesi (Highlands). According to local legend, the Mountains got their name when two brothers out hunting one day met a beautiful fairy. When asked which one she preferred, she… Read more »

Visit Berat – The most picturesque city of Albania

The City of a Thousand Windows Albania, truly a hidden and lesser-known gem on the Mediterranean, is blessed with incredible natural beauty of stunning mountain scenery with snowy hill tops, and beaches that match any other on the Mediterranean, cobbled medieval cities and tiny mountain villages where you feel like you stepped back in time…. Read more »