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Top 4 Beaches of Turkey

Kaputas Beach

Visiting Turkey is not a possibility in life but a must. Besides the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul and the Hagia Sophia, there are countless coastal regions that you might want to check out as well. Whenever land reaches the bounds of the sea, it is guaranteed to produce awe-inspiring sights for you to bask in…. Read more »

Visit Ankara – The Heart of Turkey

With a population of over 4.5 million (5.1 million in the metropolitan area), Ankara is the second-largest city in Turkey after Istanbul. Formerly known as both Ancyra and Angora, the capital is located in the centre of its parent country (hence the nickname). Ankara sits upon the junction point of most public means of transport,… Read more »

Visit Antalya – The Turkish Mediterranean Paradise

Peace, stability and beauty are but a few words that characterise Antalya, the regional capital of its eponymous province. With a metropolitan population of over 2 million, Antalya serves as a proud stronghold of commerce, tourism and prosperity. To put this into perspective, let us reveal the fact that over 13 million tourists pass through… Read more »

Visit Istanbul – Crescent Brilliance

One cannot speak of unique cities without inexorably drawing in the majestic presence of Istanbul. A transcontinental city located on the Bosphorus strait (neighboured by the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara), Istanbul is one of the most important establishments of Turkey. It is not only a cultural hub but also a major trade… Read more »