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Visit Bangkok – The City of Angels

One might wonder why we’ve nicknamed Bangkok the “City of Angels”. Well, it wasn’t us for the city itself is known by locals as Krung Thep, which translates to exactly that. Take notes, Los Angeles, because we have found you an eastern counterpart! With a metropolitan population of nearly 8 million people, Bangkok is both… Read more »

Top 5 Tips for Thailand Long Term

If you are travelling for some time through Thailand, either as a backpacker, or just on an extended tour, then travel for you will be much different than it is for short term vacationers. It probably means you will be moving around a fair amount, from city to city, or even island to island. It… Read more »

Bangkok by Riverboat

Plenty of information has been published about visiting and enjoying the sprawling South East Asian metropolis of Bangkok. Yet few of them manage to scratch below the surface of the standard tourist traps. This is a shame, as once you get off the beaten track, Bangkok delivers a much more culturally stimulating experience. Sometimes, simply… Read more »