Visit San José (California) – The Capital of Silicon Valley

With a metropolitan population of nearly 2 million people, San José of California (USA) is the third-most populous city in California and the tenth-most populous in its parent country. Originally known as Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe (since 1777 – the year of its founding), it is the county seat of Santa Clara County. What’s interesting about it is that it used to be a farming base for the Spanish military installations at San Francisco and Monterey. Yet in spite of that, it is currently one of the most important cities of the United States of America in terms of commerce, trade, culture and entertainment.

San José is located within the bounds of the subtropical Mediterranean climate zone. As you may have guessed from the classification, it is on the liminal boundary between an all-out Mediterranean climate and a subtropical one. With 301 sunny days per year, it is most indubitably one of the most desirable locations to visit when the hefty months hit the north (exactly like its name-sibling down south in Costa Rica). Temperature fluctuations are only experienced mildly throughout the year with them hitting the lower spectrums only at night-time and only during wintertime (December-February). Daily means never drop below 10 degrees Celsius and precipitation makes its appearance on only 62 days each year (on average). Note, though, that the varying elevation of the city causes certain micro-climates to form. We recommend that you pack a few thicker clothes if you are travelling during wintertime to be certain (it never hurts to be thoroughly prepared).


San José is served by the enormous Norman Y. Mineta San José International Airport, located 3 kilometres north-west of the downtown area and named after Norman Mineta, the former Transportation Secretary during the Bush administration and Commerce Secretary under Bill Clinton. Funnelling over 10 million passengers each year, it is one of the larger airports in California (along with those of San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles, of course). Serving as a focus city for the Alaska Airlines, the airport is an important gateway into the US both from the south and from other international directions. What’s important to know if you are travelling from abroad is that all international flights are handled by Terminal A.

Since the aforementioned airport is the one handling the western section of the city (and the metropolitan area), the Reid–Hillview Airport of Santa Clara County is the one that took over the east side. Smaller in scale yet no less significant, the airport facilitates numerous transport options when it comes to reaching the city. From taxis to car rentals, you can find anything in the close proximity of the terminals. Boasting with two 945-metre-long runways, the Reid–Hillview is considered a reliever airport for the primary one.


San José is often visited so that one can take a thorough look at the renowned Children’s Discovery Museum. Located on Woz Way (named after the Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak), the museum holds innumerable specially-designed means through which children can better understand the world around them. From a mammoth skeleton to Eric Lennartson’s Tape Scape you can find anything there. Oh, and do not think that such a facility can only be entertaining for young children – check it out and be amazed!

Next up, you should hop over to the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, quite possibly the most notable landmark of the Rosicrucian Park (the main headquarters of the English Grand Lodge for the Americas of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis). The Rosicrucian Order maintains and constantly expands upon the museum and for that particular purpose it can boast with a certain degree of revisitability. Note the image of the Staff of Life upon the facility and the spectacular artesian fountain right before it (wink)!

Do not leave San José without visiting its Municipal Rose Garden. Boasting with over 190 species of roses and over 3,500 shrubs, it stretches upon a land area of 2.2 hectares. Situated at the point of convergence between the Naglee and Dana Avenues, the establishment can be found within the bounds of the Rose Garden neighbourhood. What’s interesting about it (and what further demonstrates its grandeur) is that it was named “America’s Best Rose Garden” by the All-America Rose Selections (AARS) in 2010.


San José of California is an excellent place to visit if you are interested in mild weather and not in a hefty tropical heat-castigation (not to mention the theme of roses that keeps popping up). Transportation is not a problem for everything is as smooth as it can get and the city is beyond walkable. Take the eco-friendly approach and stroll around because the beauty of the Capital of Silicon Valley and its incorporated flora are simply breath-taking. Bask in the sunshine and, above all, have fun!


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