4 Brazilian Museums Everyone Should Visit

Are you ready to hit the palm-tree-riddled country of Brazil? Very well then, for today we are going to investigate some of its most exquisite cultural establishments and recommend them to you. If you are up for a museum-hunting spree, make sure you pack those sunscreens as well for local beach-parties should not be avoided either. No matter how busy one might get, one should never stray too far from cherishing one’s inner child (wink). So, without further ado, let us hop right into it!

1. National Historical Museum:
By the order of President Epitácio Pessoa, the National Historical Museum of Rio de Janeiro was founded in 1922. The building that harbours it was constructed in 1603 and named “St. James of Mercy Fort”. Stretching upon an area of 20,000 square metres, the museum boasts with a massive collection of over 348,000 items pertaining to Brazil’s national history. As if this wasn’t enough, the institution was the first of its kind in Brazil to hold an official museology course, thus facilitating the expansion of Latin American culture. Additionally, it holds the largest numismatic collection of its parent continent. If you are a fan of coins and of banknotes, there is all the more reason for you to visit the place (wink).

2. National Museum of Brazil:
Next up comes the National Museum of Brazil (also located in Rio de Janeiro), established in 1818 by the King of Portugal, Dom João VI. It is important to mention that the museum was built not just to serve as a cultural establishment but also to ignite the spirit of research in Brazil. For this particular reason it holds numerous botanical items, minerals, meteorites, dinosaur skeletons found in the country, and even ancient Egyptian mummies. This wide array of rare objects stirred the interest of numerous famous researchers over the years such as Theodor Peckolt, Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius, Carl August Wilhelm Schwacke, Maximilian zu Wied-Neuwied, Charles Frederick Hartt, Johann Baptist von Spix, and so on. The museum is located in the Quinta da Boa Vista public park, so if you are doing some sightseeing there, do not leave this one out. Oh, and let us not forget that the park also holds the Zoological Garden of Rio de Janeiro – how about hitting two birds with one stone (wink)?

3. Oscar Niemeyer Museum:
Moving on with our Brazilian journey, we make our way to the city of “many pine seeds”, Curitiba. Here, we are going to explore one of the most intriguing landmarks of Brazil, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum (also known as Niemeyer’s eye for its structural design). The first building of the institution was designed by Oscar Niemeyer in 1967 and it stayed true to the standards of the contemporary architectural styles – yet it did not refrain from becoming a revolutionary eye-mimicking masterpiece either (hence its nickname). The constituent buildings were placed in a garden designed by Roberto Burle Marx, who was a renowned landscape-architect at the time. To put it short, the museum revolves around visual arts, design and, of course, architecture. For its bold and daring forms, it earned a significant reputation not only in Brazil but internationally as well.

4. PUCRS Museum of Science and Technology:
Finally, the last contestant on our list is the PUCRS Museum of Science and Technology located in Porto Alegre. Today we have saved the best for last because this museum is one of the most famous interactive ones of natural sciences in the world and, interestingly, the only one in Latin America. Besides the 700 interactive experiments of the establishment, its permanent exhibition section consists of a large collection of stuffed animals, mineral resources and even a paleontological geopark. If you are up for some more interactive stuff, there are others besides the ones that we have mentioned above – these ones pertain to the Earth, man, the Universe and so on. We can safely assure you that no matter what age group you may pertain to or from what cultural background you might come, you will most certainly have the time of your life there. Definitely a must-investigate!

Did you enjoy our list? How many of the aforementioned museums have you visited? Hit the comment section below and tell us all about it! Oh, and do not forget to check back for interesting updates from time to time (wink)!

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