Barbados – Top 6 Facts

Have you ever imagined yourself upon the golden sandy beach of a tropical island and sipping on a fruit cocktail (or even a coconut cocktail)? If you have, then it is your lucky day for today we are going to talk about the pros and cons of Barbados – one of the finest Caribbean islands (and island nations) in the world. So, sit back and enjoy these top six facts!

1. Tipping:
Tipping on the island of Barbados is customary and should not be neglected. First of all, know that a service charge of 10-20% will most likely be added to the bill, but you can go even beyond that. This, of course should reflect the quality of the service and you should not refrain from leaving a little extra if you consider it to be exquisite. Taxi drivers should also be tipped using the “rounding-up” technique and if they demand more, just neglect them. Which leads us to our next point…

2. Cab drivers:
It is no secret that Barbados is notorious for its aggressive taxi drivers and this problem will show itself as soon as you land. If you find a calm cab driver on Barbados, then you are beyond lucky as they are not that abundant. In addition to their verbally hostile nature, they might also prove to be running a shady pirate-cab business. Since driving a car on Barbados can prove to be extremely costly, cabs have a near-monopoly on hasty trips. For this particular reason, they will not back down easily and will hold their ground stalwartly when haggling. Stay vigilant!

3. Crime:
Though the cabs are a bit out of place when it comes to hospitality, it is not the main turn-off of Barbados. Petty crime is quite common there and violent crime is also a thing when tourists ask for it. Walking alone after dark on the southern side of the island can land you in nasty situations but they are by no means to be feared. What we are suggesting here is not that you should fear the place – simply understand that the basics of keeping yourself out of trouble should be noted: flashy cameras should not be waved around; carrying too much cash is to be avoided; provocative clothing should be avoided by women who travel alone; etc.

4. North vs. South:
The crime problem and the abundance of clubs decreases as you move towards the northern side of the island. In fact, this aspect of the island has become so well-known by tourists and locals alike that the general idea for families is to stick to the northern side. If you are planning to have a quieter family trip, you could stick to that general area and only visit the south side (along with Bridgetown) when feeling a little adventurous. If, however, you are visiting Barbados with a group of friends, you might as well stay on the southern side and enjoy the swarming amount of pubs, clubs, and beach parties. Pick your side and revel in the place, for that is why you are going there in the first place (wink)!

5. Language barriers:
If you’ve ever been worried about what language they speak on Barbados, then we are here to relieve you and tell you that it is English. The Bajan Creole language is also recognised as a regional language and can be heard here and there but English is the most wide-spread. You don’t have to worry about getting down the basics of Bajan as you can get anything done simply by using the official one.

6. The beaches:
The main attraction of Barbados is most indubitably its abundance of beaches. Containing more than 110 kilometres of alluring coastlines (white and pink sand as well), it is simply irresistible. Oh, and if you were afraid that some beaches may be private, know that none of them are. Whatever you see, you can visit and this is a giant plus when visiting the island. Here are a couple of exquisite sunbathing and bathing locations for you to consider: Mullins Beach, Bottom Bay, Brownes Beach, Worthing Beach, Gibbs Beach, and many others that we shall not spoil (wink).

Did you enjoy our list? What experiences have you had on Barbados and what can you share with your fellow travellers? Tell us all about it in the comment section below and be sure to check back for some exciting updates from time to time! Safe travels!



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