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You may have seen a large chunk of the world already but you have surely never witnessed anything as scintillating and awe-inspiring as the island of Bali. Nicknamed the Island of Gods, it is considered one of the most desirable tourist-destinations in the world due to its welcoming inhabitants and eye-popping sights. Considered a province of Indonesia, it is situated between Java (to the west) and Lombok (to the east). Stretching upon an area of but 5,780 square kilometres, it has a total population of just over 4.2 million. So, without further ado, let us see why exactly Bali is so recommended!

1. Crowds:
Well, we have to get the obvious elephant out of the room before we dive deeper into this article. The thing is, being one of the most tourist-frequented locations on Earth has its inadvertent repercussions. In this case, we are talking about swarms of people no matter where you might tread. The southern side of the island, of course, is far more besieged by inquisitive travellers than the rest but the other sections take their fair share as well. The best way to get away from these throngs is to hit the local natural environments. Want to meditate under massive trees like you’ve seen in some movies? Now you can – and who knows, since the predominant religion there is Hinduism, you might even get a few stray adventurers to join you (wink).

2. Nature:
Without a single drop of doubt, Bali is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Palm trees, deep jungles, and cared-for parks fill the island and hiking is a common thing-to-do there. Though the aforementioned would already be enough to lure intrepid travellers into the wilderness, Bali is famous for another thing: its massive and scenic Volcanoes. The tallest, known as Mount Agung, reaches a maximum height of 3,031 metres and it is still very much active. While it may not look as tall as Mount Everest, it surely is a protruding beacon seen from various places across the island. And if that isn’t luring enough, then you should know that it is isolated by at least 100 kilometres of wilderness. Already packing your trekking boots? Good, then – have fun!

3. Climate:
And here is the other reason why most people tend to hit the road to Bali: its more-than-friendly climate. Situated just 8 degrees below the Equator, it is deep within the tropical climate zone and boasts an even temperature all year long. The typical temperature that you can expect there is around 30 degrees Celsius but it does vary a bit between 22 and 31 degrees. The only thing to keep an eye out for is the Monsoon season between April and October which brings about a great deal of humidity. The general wetness of the island is already quite high and the Monsoon only amplifies it. So, even though the rain is warm, you should consider packing a poncho (no matter when you are visiting the island).

4. Language barriers:
The best possible thing that can happen to a tourist is to visit a country where most local inhabitants are bilingual or even trilingual. The most common tongues encountered there are Balinese, Indonesian, and, for your convenience, English. You will rarely encounter a person there not dabbling in English as the locals are quite used to the swarms of people hitting their island annually. The touristy locations upon the island are so filled with English-speakers that their fluency may even become intimidating to people whose mother tongue isn’t English. With Mount Agung as a general reference point and all those sociable English-speakers, getting lost is quite unlikely there (wink)!

5. Tipping:
The tipping etiquette in Indonesia and Bali, of course, is quite an interesting one. Since there is a government tax added to the bill at any given time, the custom has not entrenched itself too deep into the local culture. This, however never stopped outsiders from leaving extras after favourable services. The best way to go about being polite is to leave an extra of 5-10%. Tipping more will, of course, be accepted but it will appear a bit strange as the locals are not used to it. And you know what? Since this is by no means mandatory, you can always stick to merely rounding up the bill (wink).

Did you enjoy our list? What experiences have you had on Bali and what lasting impressions has the tropical paradise left you with? Tell us all about it in the comment section below and be sure to check back for exciting updates from time to time. Safe travels!



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